VOGUE DARLING.   I went to an event hosted by and old friend and a featured blogger here on Cityinthree....



I went to an event hosted by and old friend and a featured blogger here on Cityinthree. She's one of the first people I got to meet in the city and even though we don’t see each often, we love each other when we get together. Since I knew someone at the event I wasn’t as apprehensive as I would have been going to some of the other conferences around the city. As lame as it sounds, it’s nice to have a friend around even while you’re learning and sharing new ideas. The event itself was focused on being an friendly non-intimidating place to be. For that I was grateful.



Shika did a great job with the venue and food. The Aocial is a club in the market on the more upscale side of things. It was this swanky bar with beautiful Greystone walls high ceilings and dim lighting. There was a big classic bar and great seating and the back was more old stone work courtyard that would have made some generous pictures had it not been pouring rain. We had the whole back section to ourselves to converse and be loud and tipsy. 


The food was GREAT. The refreshments where some of my favourite things to eat especially after the workout I had right before the event, (also made me 35 min late… but that’s whatever.)

The social provided some amazing antipasto and apps for us through the whole event. The waiters brought out bought out vegan pizzas, ginger tomato ceviche, and burger sliders with this apple BBQ sauce that was just so good.

I left full. If I got nothing from the event I got to eat the good stuff and ya girl likes to eat.


Shika also had brands come in a tell us about their lines and products. I enjoyed this part of the event, but as I don’t see myself beauty blogging anytime soon, it wasn’t all that useful to me. I learned a lot about essential oils and dress rentals, maybe something that’ll but my personal style a little better but not much else – for now.


I am pleased to say I did meet a lot of interesting people. All the women there were definitely poised and on their way to something cool if not already! I was quite out of my depth here, not having anything published or a popping curated IG account. For more of the time we simply sat together and talked about what they are doing and why. It was the best time of the event, in my opinion; hearing all the women’s different stories and successes. It was a  little girl boss moment for sure.



The were some downsides. Every now and then, you’d meet someone who was super aggressively trying to network with you – to the point that it became not genuine and quite jarring, TBH. Someone’s name and story being an after thought to you demanding their Instagram handle is off putting at best to me. I think it's moments like that which put people off to events like this. I met many people at the event that I didn’t swap info with because we truly did not have anything to offer each other socially or business wise. Nonetheless, we sat down to hear each other’s stories. We gave each other that respect.

Nevertheless, I left vogue darling with a refreshed sense of direction. The world of blogging and creating content is a new, exciting but scary place for me. Being in the presence of these women who already have their thing going on was very inspiring. Most importantly, being able to exchange ideas with them and relate was a huge confidence booster. Not too long ago, I wouldn't dare talk about the fact wanted to blog. Now here I was holding my own in a convo full of bloggers.


I think I’ll definitely do one of these again sometime in the future. Sparingly though, I can see this type of thing getting stale if you do it too often, but possibly resourceful and refreshing if don’t now and again. It was a little awkward not having any of my own work to point people towards. Perhaps I’ll wait till I have a larger online presence before I go to another.