One of the most annoying things growing up was when my mom kept on nagging me about my manners. But gosh darn...

One of the most annoying things growing up was when my mom kept on nagging me about my manners. But gosh darn it am I ever grateful that she taught me to clean up after myself (for the most part at least). Mainly because these manners are transferable and can be a huge help in the bedroom as a matter of fact (Thanks mom)! But unfortunately, I have never met a single person who has actually accomplished every single point on my list below. NOT ONE. So please, EVERYONE take note of the following polite decorum! I mean wouldn't it be nice to impress someone with something other than your skills..., maybe your character too?  

The Before Protocol: 

1. Make sure the smell of your place is not rank. If you have that old moldy garbage, here's a perfect reason to encourage you to throw it out!

2. If this is your first encounter, then have a get to know session.Simple and easy! Just lay out your expectations of the evening so no one is confused.

3. Do a fresh rinse or wash prior to the occasion, even if it is just down there. I know I'm not the only one who has this opinion... sweaty balls are not appealing. Hygiene is a cool thing and most people do not enjoy getting zits on their chins because of your lack of consideration with your sweaty balls. 

 The Formalities During: 

 4. Being considerate about the other person's belongings is a polite gesture. I'm not going to be pleased if you rip my clothes or break my belongings.

 5. Do not throw the condom wrapper on the ground. Be a well mannered individual and put it in the garbage, including the corner piece!

 6. Ya know what else is a great courtesy? Asking if the girl climaxed. There's nothing satisfying about not getting off and being left with blue balls. 

 7. Depending on your cardio capabilities, you may not need some water right after, but your partner might. Being a good host can be as simple as giving them water. 

The Pleasantness Afterwards:

 8. Do not throw the condom on the floor or flush it down the toilet. Put it in the garbage because it could clog up the toilet or pipes eventually and that's no fun or anyone!

 9. Ask what is acceptable to use to wipe yourself. Whether it's a towel or  rinsing in the sink, I get it, most guys prefer to wash their dick after the deed is done. But when a guy takes one of your kitchen towels... without asking... to wipe his dick... then leaves the towel in the corner on the floor, only for you to find it a few days later; that's just extremely rude.

10. Asking if you can stay over, instead of just assuming is very polite and a very easy thing to do! 

11. Now there are a lot of different factors such as time, distance, and specific relation to the person when it comes to this point... but the simple action of paying for one of the ways of travel is a very considerate thing to do. It's like splitting a meal, except the money is going towards the ride! 

12. Lastly, but still very important! If someone accidentally forgot an earring or lipstick, saving it for them to pick up or even returning it is just common courtesy. 

No, it doesn't seem to be common sense whatsoever. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Are you finding that you don't do any of these things or very few? Maybe that's why your one-night-stands haven't called you back...