If you haven't heard of, visited, or eaten SuzyQ doughnuts, call your landlord. You need to move out of the...

If you haven't heard of, visited, or eaten SuzyQ doughnuts, call your landlord. You need to move out of the hole you live in and wake up. (Unless you're vegan, health-conscious, or hate doughnuts - in which case, I hear you). Here's the rundown on my top choices from the mother of doughnuts in Canada's capital.

 I'm a doughnut lady.

 But I don't mean enjoying a Honey Cruller as a cheat meal. I mean committing to a box of Tim Horton's doughnuts as my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I mean holding back tears while I'm inhaling 20 birthday cake Timbits. I mean eating four SuzyQ doughnuts in (my current record), 15 minutes.


SuzyQ has grown from a tiny shack that barely fit myself, my significant other and two staff members, to a booming doughnut haven in a matter of years. ​​That's why to save you from dropping $100 on all their flavours (and doughnut merch) the second you walk in, I've compiled a list of my top 6 doughnut picks. 

 Once you finish my list, you can hop on the O-train and pay SuzyQ a well-deserved visit. If you beat my record of 4 doughnuts in 15 minutes, the next half dozen is on me. Whether you pick from my top choices or go for something completely different, SuzyQ is sure to impress - Every. Damn. Time.

1. Maple Bacon

Come on. Bacon. On a DOUGHNUT. Don't wrinkle your face in disgust, try it. It's almost enough to convince you you're making a wise breakfast choice, because bacon. Right?

 2. Raspberry Cassis

Another classic. Every time I eat this doughnut, I can't wrap my head around how fresh it tastes. SuzyQ, do you have seasoned experts that pick raspberries the EXACT second they're at optimal ripeness? If all fruit tasted this good, my freshman 15 would be long gone by now.

 3. Carrot Cake

I will run miles and jump over hurdles for cream cheese. So I'm sure you can assume I will go to the ends of the earth for this cream cheese frosted beauty with a crumbled cake topping. Plus, carrots = vegetable = health. Game, set and match. 

 4. Spicy Pineapple

I was skeptical to try this, but goodness gracious was I surprised. Throw me on a beach and put a piña colada in my hand. This spicy, tropical doughnut is almost enough to convince you it's not still the middle of February in Ottawa. 

 5. Coconut Lime

I like to call this my buffer doughnut. It's covered in a perfect, thin layer of creamy icing topped with toasted coconut flakes. It's comfortable, it goes down easy, and still leaves room in your stomach for...

 6. Mocha Chocolate Truffle

The mother of all doughnuts. Consume near a bed or couch you can comfortably nap on, 'cause this will put you OUT. It has a dollop of creamy, chocolatey truffle-y goodness in the middle that might bring you to tears. Cover me in Mocha Chocolate truffle doughnuts when I'm put in my grave. Chocolate > vanilla any day of the week, end of story.