I’m sure everyone is familiar with the phrase “Once in a Blue Moon,” when I was younger I thought a Blue...

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the phrase “Once in a Blue Moon,” when I was younger I thought a Blue Moon was when something extremely unusual or magical had to happen – kinda like “When Pigs Fly” because after all how could the moon turn blue? As I grew up, I realized that the phrase meant “every now and then” or was often used ironically; it wasn't until last year when I began my astrological self-education that I realized a Blue Moon was a real thing.

What is a Blue Moon?

Astronomers identify a Blue Moon as when two full moons occur in the same month. The last time we had 13 full moons was May 2016. So the title lives up to the phrase, not too uncommon but with just enough space in between them that it is surprising when the next Blue Moon comes along.

Now, if we are dealing with astrology, the zodiac, and energy of the moon cycles, a Blue Moon would be when we receive two full moons under the same zodiac sign; this occurrence would enhance the significance of that zodiac sign throughout the following months.

The last Astrological Blue Moon happened last summer in Leo, we were called to take on more of a leadership role in our own lives, accepting the importance of ourselves and our inner power.

January’s Blue Moon and What it Means for you

Just because this Blue Moon isn’t the Astrology definition of blue doesn’t mean it isn’t important. It is considered a “Super Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse.” Jeeze, what a mouthful. If you don’t know already, a Super Moon is when the moon is closer to the earth, so it appears quite large, the first Full Moon of the year (Jan 1st) was also a Super Moon – so if you missed that on now is your chance to have a look!

A Lunar Eclipse means that the moon is falling under the earth's shadow, which will cause the moon to appear slightly red, rather than the blue you would wish for on a Blue Moon when it occurs on January 31st. All of these aspects of the moons position tend to influence us emotionally. In the next two weeks we will need to seek some balance when it comes to our inner and outer needs. 


Keep your eye out for Ci3’s horoscopes that week to see how to work with the energy of this once in a lifetime (For real, The Super Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse last occurred in 1866.) Blue Moon 😊