If you haven't yet heard of Josh Clarke, I'm about to put you on because it's a name that'll soon...

If you haven't yet heard of Josh Clarke, I'm about to put you on because it's a name that'll soon be repeated by people everywhere.

Clarke, who is an up and coming artist from Toronto, has worked with the likes of artists such as JYDN and management groups local to Ottawa, such as Saabs Entertainment. Although he comes from the six,

he's been received with open arms and much enthusiasm here in Ottawa. In fact, one of his first really big gigs was actually during the Grey Cup weekend here in Ottawa, when he hosted an event at Prvt Prprty on the same night as DVSN. Josh, however, is no stranger to fan love, as his, song "One Night" has already been playing on local radio stations, as well as in other countries, giving him the opportunity to work on building a bigger network here in the city. That's why Josh will be having his own launch party this Saturday, January 20th at 6pm in collaboration with the CHEO Foundation, hosted at one of Ottawa's newest clubs, the 27th Club with proceeds going towards CHEO. 


What's interesting about Josh isn't how quickly he's rising to fame but the ways in which he's managed to maintain a humble and endearing persona. On tracks such as "Backseat" featuring JYDN, listeners are able to connect with Josh on a personal level as he croons to a female about his feelings towards her. On "Too Personal", which is available on iTunes and Spotifyhe continues with the soft side persona however he faces the track from a more ruthless perspective as he describes his urge to sleep with someone but not fall in love. 


With that being said, this launch party, being hosted by his management Saabs Entertainment, will be one for the books. Specials guests such as MC Ohsogood will be hosting the event and DJ MACE will be taking care of the tracks for the night. In addition to this, I've been told that there will have a personal story to tell party-goers regarding the CHEO foundation allowing fans to truly understand why Josh decided to collab with them. 



Now, although Josh isn't originally from Ottawa, the fact that he's decided to host his launch party here is humbling because it's about time an artist finally puts their trust in the city and the people here to support them. If the people of Ottawa really want to prove that this city is actually capable of putting people on, this event is the place to do so. Let's show Josh Clarke how Ottawa gets down!


Josh's new release titled "One Night" will be available for pre-order January 23, 2018 on iTunes, Google Play and all other streaming services on January 27th, 2018.