The past few weeks have been insane. I am sure I can't be the only one who has experienced some...

The past few weeks have been insane. I am sure I can't be the only one who has experienced some discomfort and uncanny things happening to f*ck with my plans. There are a few astrological explanations for this; asides from the emotional roller-coaster of Pisces season we have been dealing with, there has also been a Jupiter retrograde since March 8th.

Jupiter is the sign of luck and progress, so when in retrograde it may feel like things are stagnant, or being kept from moving forward. Things will crop up to make us feel like the universe is sabotaging our big plans when really it is giving us extra time. When things don't go your way during Jupiter retrograde (sorry guys it lasts four months), take a second to see how they can work in your favor, how you are given more time to prepare and deal with some other things. 


I have recently learned that Pisces absorbs the experiences of all the zodiac signs due to its deeply emotional and emphatic nature. So, this New Moon and the end of the Sun in your Sign may bring up some busy mindsets and possibly overwhelm you. The New Moon in your sign this week will bring some big reflection in on you. Take a look at all you’ve been doing this month and how you can be proud of yourself. Re-center back to your own emotions, and be aware of how you want to progress this month. 



Well hey there Aries, A LOT is coming up for you this week. You are finishing a cycle emotionally with the New Moon on Saturday in your life area of the Unknown, as a fiery Aries you may want to use this energy to get hyped about the year you have ahead of you. The Sun moves into your sign on the 20th, this makes you feel like it is time to ACT. Get all your ducks in a row, do things that make you feel GOOD.



Alright Aries – what I said in the blurb above about being patient  and allowing hits twice as hard for you. With your sign opposite Jupiter in retrograde things may be moving slow lately, BUT this is for the best. You are being given more time to rest and take care of yourself before you hit a massive energy shift with your solar return. As for this weeks New Moon, its hitting your communication zone which means it may be time to reach out or think about how you are communicating when it comes to what your going though. I always like to suggest that this house may be hinting at taking on a new perspective as well – communicate to yourself differently!



Your work place comes into focus again this week Gemini, with the New Moon in your careers zone and your sign opposing mars, the planet of action, consider how you want to go about your career life. Are you approaching work in a different way? Or doing things like you always have but they don’t seem to be working out for you? This is a good week to make some moves, let yourself shine in areas where your ambitions lead you.



Clear the pathway this week Cancer, or work your way around what every may be stopping you from progressing. Pisces season may have opened a time where your excitable energies and creativity were flowing. With Saturn opposite your sign it may seem like there is a hitch in this energy some time this week, perhaps with authority or as it usually all boils down to -some inner conflict. With the New Moon in your big picture zone and Mars in opposition, this is a time for acting thoughtfully,  thinking things through and adjusting to a more positive mindset.



Matters of health and daily routine have crept there way to the forefront of your day to day this month, these issues just might pair nicely with the new Moon in your house of transformation and sex. This could go a variety of ways so I’m going to leave it at that. Your sign is also in square to the Jupiter retrograde and mercury and Venus. So, remember that its okay to do things the slow way, its all part of the process. Your ability to communicate and your passion for things are where you can find harmony this week while dealing with all the rest.



The Sun and moon are lined up together in your life area of love and relationships. With double this energy there may be a lot of movement or emotion around all kinds of relations ships you have. Remember to consider the relationship you have with yourself, in all of this. Your sign trine Saturn suggest that the current drama in love and relationships (or lack of) is all part of a lesson that you will be better for. Perhaps its time to take some charge in how you take on relationships and how you’re treated.



Little changes may be creeping their way in to your day to day life, Libra. This is due to the Sun shinning on your life area of transformation complementing the emotional energy of the moon in your House of daily routine. You can re-balance yourself this week by considering where you may need to take on a different perspective, communicate, and find pleasure in the little things even when your routine is shaken up.



The Jupiter Retrograde is more than likely to slow you down this week. If you have high hopes for an encounter or outing be wary that a ‘meh’ out come that you weren’t expecting – is for the best. Try to keep things light when plans don’t go your way. This is a really good time for your emotional Scorpio mind to consider what you want from the big things in life, how do you want to feel, how can you keep your day fun and creative?



Work has been a big focus for you this month Sagittarius, and that could be a good or bad. With the emotional moon in your House of foundations your adventurous Sagittarian mind may feel restless because you are always thinking about ways to expand. Reel it back in, with the sun and moon complementing this life area it is important to remember that where you are career wise right now is creating the foundations for the life you want, will have, and the life you were made for. Mercury and Venus are also working with your sign to keep things feeling good this week through areas of communication and comfort.



This week is a great week to reconnect with friends and be a little more social!  With the Sun in your House of friendships and the New Moon in your life area of communication this is a great time to start a new way of thinking when it comes to having people in your life and how you express yourself. With these two life areas coming together it may also hit at relationships you need to let go of if there are any that keep you from expressing your true self or make you feel contracted. What do you need to express this week?



Hey there buddy. The Sun is finishing up its time in your dreamy house of the Unknown. You may have felt as if you were floating through this month, maybe some big things were happening but it all seemed to swirl by as if your mind was else where. This end of a cycle paired with the Moon in your house of values snaps you back to reality and allows you to feel really put together again. Consider what you want to focus on this month and how you an welcome in this new cycle of your life.

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