Meet JChinnasz – The Lovamon Behind ‘lovamon’

Earlier this month, Ottawa’s very own JChinnasz dropped his highly anticipated E.P. ‘lovamon’ following his well-received single, “Bloor”.
J has proved himself to be one of the most poppin’ artists in Ottawa, due his popularity and the coolness that he exudes, not just in his music but also in person. Any time he walks in a room, most people already know who he is and he can be seen dapping it up with multiple people from multiple scenes as he goes around the room.
As a fairly recent artist, he’s already had his fair share of shows, visuals, and features, something not many other artists in the city can say for themselves. If anything, after going on a tour where he actually ventured out of Ottawa, it seems J might be one of the first to make it out of the city.
Fortunately, CityinThree got the opportunity to sit down with J and talk about his latest project, featuring an in-depth explanation of each track and the story behind it. We used this opportunity to focus the whole conversation on the E.P. and his experience working on the project with artists such as, JUWN, Sean Bay, Cashtro Crosby, Freddy Printz, and more. As J puts it, ‘lovamon’ feels like one long argument with your girl, hence the title, so the vibes are very chill – distancing him from some of his earlier sounds.
That said, I’ll let J tell the rest of the story for himself.
Meet JChinnasz.

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