Upon first connecting with him on the phone, I could tell Josh Clarke was a genuine guy. He thanked me...

Upon first connecting with him on the phone, I could tell Josh Clarke was a genuine guy. He thanked me for the opportunity to talk as though as I wasn't the one asking for his time. After a quick introduction on my part, we began our interview, which in all honesty, felt more like a conversation about Josh and his artistry as opposed to a formal Q&A.

Josh Clarke is a 20-something year old kid from Toronto with a big voice and an even bigger future ahead of him. He recently dropped his EP 24 Hours that features 8 songs, 3 interludes, and just one guest appearance, JYDN. "The vibe gets more into my R&B side because naturally I'm an R&B artist though I'm trying to get more commercial to reach more people and target a different market". On the EP, listeners get to hear his R&B side, which he's most familiar with, as well as some afropop and a sort of R&B trap which he states he, "wouldn't call R&B trap but R&B with a little bit more energy to it". On tracks such as "Ready'", a song he says "people are bumping right now and that the NHL awards used for their playoff anthem", this R&B  trap medley that he describes can be heard.

Josh chose August 3rd to release the EP because it took him a full year to complete the project and get everything in order. The date also lined up with the day on which he was given the opportunity to open a show in Toronto as a main act for Runtown, a very well known international artist. Given the timing of the show, Josh decided August 3rd was the perfect time considering the EP was already done and the show was a really big look.

"Since the EP dropped, my followers have been telling me that it looks like I'm serious about what I'm doing. I know I'm serious about my craft, I know people will see that I'm serious, and when I hear it from third parties, it's just proving what I think to myself; it's proving me right".

According to Josh, people are seeing the true musician in him; they're seeing that he holds the ability to sing without auto tune, a feat not many can claim nowadays. Furthermore, listeners get a variety of music as he takes sounds from different parts of the world using that to mold him as an artist. To that point, when asked what makes him unique, he answered, "my sound. I know that it's cliche to say that, but with me, I have so many different styles on the album". His voice stays the same but we can see that he's learning the music and he incorporates a little bit of everything showcasing his ability to switch up his styles.

When it comes to the city he was raised in, Josh says he loves Toronto.

"It's my hometown, I was born there, raised there and I've seen a lot of people come out of there. The culture in Toronto is still growing and we're just now getting our start but it's just the beginning of everything that's to come. The musicians and artists there are phenomenal".

Josh says it's funny seeing the culture now in comparison to where it was a few years back as the people who used to school him on the game such as Carti and Socrates, were the brand ambassadors, the pioneers of Toronto culture. He's seen what they've done to get Toronto to where it is concerning this new movement with artists such as the Weeknd and Tory Lanez. Josh claims so many people from different regions in Toronto are coming up from the underground and he's just happy to be a part of that. 

In regards to what's in store for him, Josh claims "more shows". He says that right now, it's just getting the word out that he's coming from Toronto and Canada. Josh knows that the music he puts out is serious and represents who he is so he wants people to look out for future shows or things that might be going on in different cities. Now that the EP is done, his primary goal right now is just getting his name out there and taking over.

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