Mercury Retrograde is something you may be familiar with or something you may be used to hearing about occasionally on...

Mercury Retrograde is something you may be familiar with or something you may be used to hearing about occasionally on social media. I was one of those girls who put blame on Mercury Retrograde when shit didn’t turn out my way at that point in its orbit, but I have learned that Mercury Retrograde is here for more than just fucking up your communication and delaying your flights.

 Mercury Retrograde (Dec 2- Dec 22)

First, a Quick Astrology Lesson:Mercury is the planet that rules communication, and was named after the mythological "Messenger of the Gods" (Hermes in Greek, Mercury in Roman). Thinking about mercury in this way, we can understand that its' orbit and aspects influence communication and deeper messages here on earth. This includes how we coordinate with others and our own personal thought processes and ideas. Mercury also influences technology, which makes a lot of sense in this generation,where we communicate largely through forms of technology. 

Retrograde is when a planet moves backwards in its orbit, making a little loop. This is thought to bring about ‘backwards’ or contradictory effects of the planet that is in retrograde.

The common belief of Mercury Retrograde is that it is a time when everything that could go wrong, does. Flights will be delayed, or your bus will break down, you will forget your laptop charger or get into fights with friends over the tiniest miscommunication. I am not saying that this is entirely wrong. After all, this Sunday my flight from Toronto was delayed two hours. I am saying there is a lot more to it.

As the planet of communication, and thought processes, Mercury retrograde gives us the opportunity to go deeper and look at how we are communicating. When all the bullshit is thrown your way over the next few weeks pay attention to how you react. Ask yourself why you reacted that way, are there thought processes that need to be changed in order for you to make the situation a positive one? Have you been holding a grudge too long or acting dramatic out of habit rather than how you really want to communicate?   

It's tricky; if this is your first time hearing about Mercury Retrograde the above statements could be a whole other level. Bottom line is that Mercury is here to challenge us and if we pay attention, we can come out of retrograde stronger and more in-tune with ourselves. 

How to Deal With It: 

When your Flight Gets Delayed – Ask your self why you are in such a hurry and if it's worth it getting so upset. Maybe being late offers you more time alone before you get back to your daily grind and family life.

When your friend thinks you're angry or when your mom thinks you're being sassy and starts yelling at you – Take the time to reexplain yourself. Let them know that sass or anger was not your intended attitude.

When your assignment doesn’t save – Honestly, just back up all your files NOW. Just in case.

Re-evaluate and Reflect - As Mercury’s orbit takes a few steps back, so should we, reviewing the past few months and how events have influenced where we are today. and if they are for the better or for the worse.

Self Care, Self Care, Self Care – I’m not just saying take a bubble bath and drink some wine (although that may be just what you need) I’m talking about deep consideration of your own needs mentally, physically and spiritually. Don’t be afraid to lay in bed that extra hour or say no to friends if their plans or expectations mess with your energy.

Get Witchy - Cary around some crystals to fight off those negative vibes, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline and Citrine are good ones. Some other tips would be to sage your space, meditate regularly and take salt baths to help keep yourself in a space of clarity and protection.