This poem is very special to me since I wrote it specifically for an event last year about body positivity and self love. It hits home every time I read it out loud or think about it and I think that the things I address in the poem, a lot of fat bodies can relate to it, as well as average sized people. Insecurities are something we all deal with, even if they are different, we all have to learn to cope with them. This poem is one of my ways to deal with my insecurities and hopefully the way I deal with them can help you too!

My many insecurities are no longer a burden to me

The rolls on my body, 

Remind You of all the space I take up.

To me,

They're like dinner rolls, 

They remind me of all my favourite foods.

These rolls keep me warm at night 

And they remind me of how there's more of me to love.


The stretch marks on my body 

Remind You that I've expanded from the size I used to be.

To me, 

They're like light night stripes,

They remind me of all the challenges I've faced, my permanent successes.

My stomach, my breasts, my thighs, they've all grown too fast, way too fierce! 

It's a simple reminder that my body is changing, 

And that is okay. 


My double chin.

Round, not flat.

Two instead of one.

But flat, this idea that's always been in my head, pushed by society

That my body needed to be flat in order to be desired.

My extra chin reminds me that I just have more opportunities to make silly faces

Two eyes, two ears, two chins, and its okay.


My duty in life, is not meant to be beautiful.

My purpose in life, is not intended to be consumed for your own selfish gains.

However desirable I am to you, does not matter, that's not why I'm alive. 


You can't diet away your insecurities.

You have to learn to love them.

Working out should be fun, 

Not a consequence for what you eat.


My body has so many hills and valleys,

And so many other endless shapes.

My body can create.

My body is made up of brush stokes.

Mine are different than yours,

My history is seen within the folds of my rolls.

The softness illustrates the oh so many landscapes our bodies encompass.


Self love is hard, I know.

But we need to stop criticizing ourselves. 

My changing body is not ruined

We need to learn to love ourselves 

We need to learn to love our insecurities away,

That might a solution. 

Loving them away.