Whether you’re a series junkie or a book clubber, a sci-fi head or an action lover, an avid reader or ...

Whether you’re a series junkie or a book clubber, a sci-fi head or an action lover, an avid reader or  not even a reader at all ; we could all appreciate a good book.

Unlike movies, which give us previews into the intricacies of the plot of a story, books are always a bit harder to judge. We say never to judge a book by its cover, but is that really true? For those of you like me, who genuinely enjoy reading but sometimes have problems choosing the right book to read, or those of you who hate reading and think it’s something left only for school, here are two books that will change your mind.

Before I Wake

Three-year-old Sherry Barrett is like most kids her age – filled with laughter and light, and all the love a child could wish for. But when tragedy strikes and Sherry is left in a coma after a hit-and-run accident, strange things start to happen.

Meanwhile, Henry Denton, the man responsible for injuring Sherry attempts suicide – but is unable to die. Stuck in the shadows of this life and the next, Henry must fight to understand the realms of this world, and more so, how he can escape.

Despite her coma-like state, it is revealed that Sherry has miraculous healing powers. As her parents Simon and Karen must decide the best course for Sherry, a larger storm rages on in the realms of limbo – one that might consume this world and the next.

Written by Robert J. Wiersema, Before I Wake is a novel fit for all, gripping readers within the first few pages. It is a riveting story of the lengths we go for those we love, the trials and tribulations of live, and the importance of having faith. As Wiersema’s debut novel, Before I Wake is one novel that takes its readers to new lengths of what it means to dive into a story.

Bedtime Story

Following his bestselling debut, Robert J. Wiersema does it again with a new tale of thrill and adventure in Bedtime Story. For nearly a decade, novelist Christopher Knox has struggled to complete his second novel after his first becomes a national hit. Since then, his family has fallen apart. Now living in his garage, Chris’s remaining joy is found only in his nightly routine of reading a bedtime story to his son, David. In hopes of maintaining this connection with his son, Chris gifts David with a one-of-a-kind fantasy novel for his birthday – not exactly the gift that every eleven-year-old wishes for.

Despite his dislike for reading, David becomes enthralled in the book, and things start to change. With each passing page, David is consumed by the book, until one day he experiences a seizure and falls into a coma. As doctors can provide no plausible explanation behind David’s condition, Chris takes matters into his own hands and sets out to discover the origins of the book, hoping to understand how he can help his son.

 What begins as a young boy finding a new passion becomes a hunt for answers, and the tale of how strong the bond between Father and son can be. Gripping in nature and enticing in flow, Bedtime Storytakes readers on a thrill ride between literal and fantasy, and keeps readers guessing every step of the way.