In this day and age with technology being ingrained in every movement of our lives, it is hard to avoid certain...

In this day and age with technology being ingrained in every movement of our lives, it is hard to avoid certain aspects of social media. Being a woman and and having cuffing season just around the corner, one thing I have noticed I have been receiving a lot more lately, is the infamous dick photograph, even without asking for it. That being said, here are the many, many, MANY reasons why I hate receiving dick pics so damn much. I'm sorry if you can relate, but let's be disappointed together. 

If you have felt the same way about dick photos you have received then please give this a share. Also share this to save one of your guy friends from being the laughing stock of someone's Snapchat story (example: mine)! 

 1. I simply do NOT want them.

2. Dick pics are NOT sexy, let alone dicks in general.

Most of them just look like dried up pickles and the pickles are growing hair in weird places. 

3. It's not classy.

And if you think it is, then please reevaluate your definition of classy.

4. You want to get me turned on?

Here's the first step: DON'T send me a dick pic.

5. It really is not the first thing I wanted to see when I checked my phone this morning.

6. Just because you have a dick and a camera phone doesn't mean they go together. HOW desperate are you?

7. The general angle that most guys take it from, is NOT flattering.

8. I hate getting them because I never asked for them.

9. If I wanted to see your dick, I would have invited you over.

10. If the flash is used, then you can see EVERYTHING. And sometimes, not everything is meant to be SEEN.

11.  I really just hate the fact that they even exist, BOY BYE! 

12. Some dick pics are way closer than they even should be.

I do not want to see your dick pores magnified in a close up photo that I didn't even ask for.

13.  Sometimes I think that the 'full on naked selfie with the dick out' is even worse because you can see EVERYTHING.

14. Whenever I get a dick pic, I obviously hate the fact that I get them.

But I also pray that I was the only one who got it, so that no other woman went through the same pain I just endured. 


15. I really did not care to know how big your dick was in relation to an
orange juice carton.

(Yes I have received one like this, and yes my mother has seen it too).

16.  At the end of the day, if I get a dick pic that I did not ask for, it's a form of sexual harassment.
Even though it may seem like a harmless act to some men (I still do not comprehend this), if a person does not ask for your dick photo and you send it to them, you are sexually harassing them. SO please fucking stop.