Ever since his debut music video for the song "Naw" premiered, Omari Mydz has been capturing the attention of fans...
Ever since his debut music video for the song "Naw" premiered, Omari Mydz has been capturing the attention of fans in Ottawa and all around the world. The track hit over 60,000 streams on Spotify and 90k on YouTube so it's only certain fans would be eagerly awaiting to see what the young RnB artist would drop next as a follow up.
Thus, Pre-Construction was born. The EP features just 2 tracks, "Benz" and "Gimme Your Love" and it was almost as though it was dropped out of the blue. Promo for the EP was done about a week or two before the release date and only one song, "Benz", was previewed meaning no one had actually heard "Gimme Your Love" before it was released but that's where the irony lays. In one night, the track had amassed over 12,000 streams on Spotify which was far from expected.
Although, we'll get into the two songs, one of the most prevalent components of this EP wasn't even the music, but the cover art. Quite different from most artists, for these songs, Omari used a hand-made drawing by Shlavaman as the cover featuring what I'm assuming is supposed to be a caricature of the artist, holding a shovel with a hard hat on his head and in the middle of the desert.

In the background however, we can see a drawing of the city of Toronto with a car driving on a highway towards a drawing of the city of Ottawa. Understandably, Omari is of Egyptian descent which would insinuate what the sand represents and the two cities in the background, of course representative of his two homes. Based off social media, it seems the title "Pre-Construction" is meant to imply Omari is still in the beginning stages of his artistry and he's currently in the process of constructing his legacy which is definitely very creative in combination with the cover art.
Now, "Benz" is definitely the more lit track of the two. From the insane drop at the beginning to the last lyric of this song, "Benz" is certainly a banger. In the song, Omari talks about telling his girl to come over and kick it because he has friends for her friends; and the title comes from the fact that the girl he's seeking whips a Benz. Past the hook, it seems as though the lyrics are a little bit more directed, "I wanna see how you been moving, in school, are you a student? And would you make time for me?" Overall, the song is just really fun and light-hearted, definitely a great song to add on your pre-party playlist. It's the type of track where you'd want to sing along to every lyric and that you keep on repeat because of how catchy it is.

Next up on the EP was "Gimme Your Love" which just so happened to be my favorite song of the two. One of the most notable features of this song is the funky beat in the background that is reminiscent of a Michael Jackson song. Produced by Jonny Brown, the beat includes a very prominent drum paired with what sounds like a xylophone that make you want to dance along to the track. What's interesting about this song is how different it is from Omari's previous music which plays into his versatility as an artist. Even the first note was surprising for Omari because personally, I wasn't expecting such a long note to be executed so perfectly by an artist who is more commonly known for his trap type beats. That said, this song features Omari very clearly asking a girl who he obviously has a lengthy history with, to give him her love. In contrast to the previous track, on "Gimme Your Love", Omari seems to acknowledge he was a bit of a jerk to this girl when he croons, "I know you crave attention, you ain't getting it from me. I'm talking bout' the days, and the months, and the weeks, you ain't come see me, now you like 'Omari'. Baby, I won't tell...". The remainder of the song features the young artist telling the girl he wants her to come through and he sort of pans out his history with her.

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