As much as we want to hate on the rappers of ours day, sometimes they take us by surprise and remind...

As much as we want to hate on the rappers of ours day, sometimes they take us by surprise and remind us that their is way more to them than their brand and their infamous lyrics about money and women!

Last week, Drake dropped his new God's Plan video and made all of us enter an emotional roller coaster because of the touching gestures throughout  the music video. To summarize the musicn video, Drake basically gave away the (almost) one million budget that was initially planned for the video to an impoverished community. 

In the video Drake is seen giving money to families, a school and a women's shelter. The rapper did not stop there as he gave material goods to his fans (cars, toys etc.) and he also took time to talk to a few of his fan to let them know that their families, especially their mothers, are very important and they should be taken care of.


Although, Drake was seen doing all these good deeds, I would like the point out that the budget planned was the money the team behind the camera was supposed to earn. This meaning that they also accepted to work for free in order to capture this heart felt moment in time.


I honestly expected the video from this song to be pretty typical of the rappers these days, just flexing his money, which is not bad because at the end of the day we all listen to these songs. However, seeing Drake do such a good deed was kind of heart warming because I never expected him to do something  like that. I mean think about it, Drake is not exactly known to be a "woke" artist who speaks about different issues and who helps his community (not that he doesn't but his brand isn't based around that). I also think that everyone, whether they're fans of Drizzy or not, will reflect on what he did and hopefully give to someone less fortunate than them.


Helping others should not be estranged to anyone. I know not everyone just has millions laying around to give away but there are other alternatives such a volunteering, giving away clothing to shelters or thrift stores, giving away non perishable food and more.


Every time Drake drops a banger we can expect a new album so I hope this song is a preview into a new and improved Drake showing a different, more compassionate side of him.