The Honest Verdict On Ottawa’s Arcade Shot Bar Room 104

Room 104 opened back in February. It was introduced as a Vegas-style shot bar with over 100 $4 shots to choose from, arcade games to play, no cover, and hours of operation running everyday from

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Jeffree Star And His Fans Are Evidence Of Why Racism Is Still Rampant In The Beauty Industry

The term beauty guru is not new. Since the term’s beginning, it’s been used to describe mediocre makeup artists who somehow win over audiences through the camera. Zoella could apply a simple brown eye shadow with a

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Your Horoscopes August 13th – 21st

This past week was a wild one, we experienced yet another planet, Uranus entering retrograde, and over the weekend we began a new lunar cycle with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo! What does

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Breaking the Cycle: Beyoncé Talks Toxic Masculinity in Vogue’s September Issue

One thing that I have always admired about Beyoncé Knowles is that she interviews rarely, saving her words and invaluable voice for thoughtful and insightful sit-downs where there is the most to gain from a

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The Truth About F**kboys

We’ve been warned by our friends, social media, and even complete strangers about f**kboys. Within my experience, they have no problem ghosting you when they

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