Inferno: From The Ashes – A Zargara Presentation

After a long wait, Ottawa finally experienced ”Inferno” experience. Zargara label created a community and a culture that has welcomed all of Ottawa in and in exchange, this community and culture have shown ongoing support

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Five Challenges Every Aspiring Writer Will Encounter

I remember the moment I knew I wanted to become a writer. I was ten years old and I had just picked up the first three Harry Potter novels at the local library. Yes, I

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Runaway Randy Freeman Premieres His Latest Feature “Fall In Drxgs”

Ever since his musical debut, Runaway Randy Freeman has never failed to impress his fans and critics. From his sound, to the visuals, to the production, and beyond, Randy is always on top of his

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Tune Review: Not The One – Jahriia

Earlier last week, one of Ottawa’s rising gems dropped her latest single. On her track “Not The One”, Jahriia reminded everyone why they had initially fallen in love with her sultry voice and mesmerizing persona.

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613 To My City

Once, when I was younger, someone asked me what the capital of Canada was and I said Toronto. I don’t want to make excuses for

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