People Are Calling This The Longest, Most Supercharged Full Moon Of The Century

This Friday, July 27th we have a Total Lunar Eclipse and a Full Moon which brings around some powerful energy, an energy that is bound to make us all feel a little crazy at some point this week.

A Total Lunar Eclipse is when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are in exact alignment, the Full Moon is when the Moon is at its climax in its cycle and is also known as the perfect time for manifesting and releasing. This particular eclipse is going to occur for nearly two hours which makes it the longest we have expereinced in a century! It can also be argued that this Moon is the most supercharged as well in terms of energetic ability – meaning it will bring conflicts in your life to a head and represent a turning point for most people.

This Full Moon is not only powerful because of the eclipse but because it is accompanied by five planets in retrograde. Mercury goes retrograde Thursday the 26th, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Neptune have all been in retrograde for a month or so now. When multiple planets are in retrograde like they are now various areas of your life will feel strained, you may get turned down, or meet some unforeseen obstacles throughout the retrograde period. A lot of people get frustrated with this but there is really a deeper lesson in there, retrogrades and the obstacles they bring are intended to get you to slow down and have a look at the bigger picture. Has any event occured recently (or in the past few months) that has made you dig really deep into your core values and beliefs? Are you being asked by these obstacles to change some kind of mindset or habit that is no longer serving you?

The retrogrades have been preparing us for this super-charged Full Moon, this is where we commit, let go of the past and what we have learnt was not serving us and sign a contract with ourselves to enter a new phase of life. A Rebirth.

The power of the Aquarius Moon alone is perfect for welcoming in change. Aquarius is the water bearer so this change won’t necessarily come easy but it is a weight that you are willing to carry in order for the benefit you know it will bring. The universe is asking you to take on more than you can handle, it is showing you that you CAN handle it. This moon, paired with the Leo Sun asks you to remember that you are the source of this change. If you are looking to better the world, it starts with yourself. If you are looking to become a better friend, partner, co-worker it begins with proper self-care and self-encouragement.

The effects of the Full Moon usually show up within 2 weeks, however, the eclipse makes these issues ones you will deal with and build on for about six months! So, if things don’t seem to go so well right away, you’ll be hit with second chances don you worry.

Although this Full Moon is sure to bring some change in multiple life areas here are brief horoscopes for what the Moon may highlight the most for your Zodiac signs! Tip: Check out your Sun, Moon and Rising sign, you can find out what they are here.

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The Full Moon is hitting your House of Communications, making the next two weeks a little messy communication wise. You could really put your foot in your mouth and you may need to consider more deeply how it is you are presenting yourself through your words and actions.


The Leo Sun and the Full Moon are highlighting your House of Foundations and Family. This could mean some major restructuring of your core values is in order, or perhaps a reminder to incorporate more family time into your life (or a little less). What does family mean to you right now and what do you need to focus on?


This Full Moon is going to be pretty intense for you! You need to make sure that you are expressing yourself properly and in a way that stays true to your beliefs. This will likely come up in areas of creativity or love. You’ll need to find a balance between taking things too seriously and having a fun, more optimistic perspective.


Any issues you have with your daily routine will come up around the Full Moon. This could mean your current job, health habits, or any kind of hobby you like to do. This is a big time to get your house in order when it comes to a healthy mind, body, and spirit.


The Moon is in your House of Relationships, with energy this intense it is likely to mean romantic relationships but also refers to other forms of partnership. The Full Moon asks you to consider where you may need to give a little more. This can be difficult with the Sun currently in Leo so prompts some good reflection when it comes to examining where putting others before yourself really helps you as well.


This is some potent transformation time for you, Virgo. Have you made a change or have been looking for one recently? This is a time to go for it an embrace the like you really can envision for yourself. How do you want to transform and how can you make it happen in a way where there is some balance?


The Moon has got you thinking up some big dreams and new beginnings. This is the kind of energy where you may want to get out there and see something new or learn a new hobby. This is also the perfect time to plan for the future, your big picture future and consider what steps you take now can get you there.


Something is happening in your work life this month that will either get you frustrated with or feel recharged and looking forward to new beginnings. maybe even both at the same time. This is a good chance to bring new energy to your workplace or work mindset that prompts a successful future. What do you need to do?


The Moon is in your House of Friendships, making this the perfect time to celebrate for no reason at all except that you have each other. Sometimes we need to remember that there are people in our lives that need us around and it is important to acknowledge when we haven’t really been present. This moon is asking you to commit to a balance between your self-indulgence (which isn’t a bad thing) and your commitment to others.


Okay. If you ever wanted a reason to make some kind of massive change in your life this just might be it. Or you will get that final push in the next week or so because this supercharged moon and Saturn and Neptune Retrograde in your sign, opposite to Mercury REtrograde are asking you to think hard. Consider where you need to change your mindset, attitude, perception, habits, all of it. This is intense energy for you and it may require you to take a break from your life for a sec to really take it all in.


Yay! The Moon is in your House! This can be a huge turning point when it comes to your identity, either through your morals and position in like or your appearance! embrace the changes this week Aquarius! And make sure you are feeling the love, because it is there for you.


This supercharged moon may encourage you to take a look at more practical matters such as finances and personal belongings. It is important to consider how much stock you take in these things and if you need to focus or balance where your values lie.

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