Having a pet is honestly one of the greatest joys of life. Whether it's a cat, a dog, or even...

Having a pet is honestly one of the greatest joys of life. Whether it's a cat, a dog, or even a fish, having a pet as a part of your family can honestly bring about some amazing benefits.


Fortunately, this weekend, PetSmart is hosting an adoption weekend where members of the public can head to their local PetSmart and adopt a new furry friend! This event will take place from February 16-18th from 9a.m to 9p.m on the Friday and Saturday, and from 10a.m. to 6p.m. on the Sunday. From puppies to adult dogs, cats, and more, this could really be your opportunity to find your new best friend. Over 200 animal welfare organizations will be bringing different types of animals to the event and the goal is to have at least 1500 animals find a new forever home. In Ottawa, specifically, 5 PetSmart locations will be partaking in the event meaning you won't even need to travel far.

Too many animals are abandoned or given up to shelters each year for a number of reasons. In addition to that, too many people choose to buy their pets at pet stores which can ultimately do more harm than good; adopting is far better than shopping. Furthermore, one of the best perks of adopting is how much money you'll save because evidently, the cost of buying at a store is extremely high. It's also important to remember that all breeds of animals are capable of love whether they're purebred or not, young or old.

With that being said, at the PetSmart adoption weekend event, not only do you get to potentially save an animal life, you will also receive a free adoption kit that will help you integrate your new pet into the family. What many people don't know is that there are so many benefits to owning a pet including:

- increased psychical activity

- improved mood

- decreased stress

- less feelings of loneliness


Additionally, if you're not able to adopt this weekend, you can still help out the pets in need by donating pet food! This means you can still interact with all the animals being given up for adoption without committing long term. If you're unfortunately not able to make it this weekend or you don't think now is the best timing to adopt, don't fret because PetSmart hosts this event 4 times a year including in February, May, September, and November! That means you can totally come out this weekend to inform yourself, take a look at the types of animals available and better prepare yourself for the next adoption weekend event.

Hopefully you are able to find a new loving addition to your family and if not, perhaps you can still swing by to visit all the cute animals in need of a forever home.

Refer to the interactive map included below for PetSmart locations in Ottawa but please make sure to double check if a store is still hosting the event this weekend by calling in or visiting the PetSmart websiteFor even more information regarding the event itself, check out this NewsWire article.