Yes, that's right! Say it with me: BLACK WOMEN ARE NOT YOUR SUPERHEROES. This may sound like a stupid statement...

Yes, that's right! Say it with me: BLACK WOMEN ARE NOT YOUR SUPERHEROES. This may sound like a stupid statement but it seems like that is something a lot of people don't understand.

As a black woman living in this racist and misogynist world, it gets overwhelming trying to navigate through things such as micro-aggressions in professional and educational settings, colorism, anti-blackness, and sexism, just to name a few. But it's the cherry on top when the black women are expected to be a type of moral compass for men and non-black women, as well as expected to educate others on how their behaviors and ideals care destructive for a specific community (minorities, women, blacks etc.).

Over the past couple months, as Kanye West pathetically deep throated his favourite red hat, the narrative quickly turned into: ‘’if he was with a black woman, he wouldn’t act this way’’. My question, however, is why do people expect black women to regulate the activities of black men? The fact that people are looking to women, Black women at that, when a grown man is having a public meltdown is honestly quite disgusting considering that if it was the other way around, people would simply encourage the man to leave the relationship. 

That question has been trotting on my mind for a while now and when discussing the issue with some of my black sisters, we all came to the same conclusion, the ''Mammy'' effect. During slavery, black women took care of the master's children as well as their own kids. The implicit image of the black women being the caregivers and caretakers carried itself throughout history. That image is now constantly portrayed in our community and in the media.

I remember when Trump got elected president and Nikki Glaser blamed Oprah for Trump’s presidency on Twitter. She said: ‘’Did Oprah ever speak out against Trump? Are we angry that she didn’t? It could've helped w/ that 53% of white women who voted for him.’’ All this as if Black women are required to put some sense into non-black women for them to make the conscious decision not to vote for a man who has been accused of sexual assault and sexual misconduct.

I, as a black woman, am not a rehab where people can go to and get a detox for their internalized racism and sexism. Black women are simply trying to get through life like everyone else, so don’t expect us to save you, we are trying to save ourselves, which is more than enough.