Let's face it. 8:35 lectures at Carleton are hell. If you're off campus, the buses are packed. The Tim's lines...

Let's face it. 8:35 lectures at Carleton are hell. If you're off campus, the buses are packed. The Tim's lines are always too long so you are either late for class or go without your caffeine fix. It's tough, but you aren't alone. Chances are, the people in your lecture aren't morning people as well. Here are some people who you might see in these dreaded lectures. 

Early mornings suck! So make sure y'all are sleeping and staying caffeinated, but it may be wiser to not take that 8:35 am lecture next time you register for classes. 

1. The one person that just falls asleep.

It happens. Sometimes you are this person. Just hope to God your professor doesn't call you out or someone posts a picture of you in a Carleton Facebook group. 

2. Their friend that attempts to wake them up.

They could just tap them or say their name, but there are some extra-ass people in this world who will go all out; slam a laptop close, hit them with a book - you would be surprised. 

3. The one drinking their body weight in coffee.

 This probably isn't one person, but half the class including the professor and the TA's. 8:35 is early, so getting a little help from caffeine won't hurt anyone. You got out of bed today and went to school, so go for it! You deserve that double double. 

4. The person that comes in an hour late

Why even bother? If the class isn't worth anything for attendance, why would you make the effort to show up for the last bit of class? This person is especially annoying when they don't just slip in, but make an effort to sit up front and disrupt everyone. 

5. The early bird

This person is able to actively participate in the lecture without dozing off. Props to them for being able to function, especially if it is a Monday. 

6. The hot mess 

There's always one girl who shows up late, looking around the lecture hall for her friend with the Starbucks that made her late and has embarrassed themselves in some way. There is nothing worse than tripping on the stairs on your way to your seat or spilling your coffee everywhere. It happens, we get it. Sometimes it sucks getting up for class and being a hot mess is okay; we feel you, girl!

7. The ghost

If your class is smaller, you may grow to learn your classmates names. However, there is always one person that literally never shows up yet always asks for notes on the CULearn discussion board and no one ever shares with them. You don't even know who they are once you reach the exam day. 

8. The note taker

 Chances are that if you are in a large lecture that is a required course for a program or many, there will be a volunteer note-taker. Thanks to them, many students are able to use their notes to grasp a better understanding of lecture material. They are probably on top of their sh*t and is that one person to speak up when the lecturer is going too fast. Note-takers, you are the best!