Oh Tay Tay, such a polarizing person. You either love her or hate her. I am on the side where I...

Oh Tay Tay, such a polarizing person. You either love her or hate her. I am on the side where I absolutely love this girl; I used to be a hater but ever since her album 1989, I just couldn't deny her talent. I know a lot of people will associate her with a snake, fake, and all this but you know what? I don't care because she makes good music. That said, I am a huge fan of pop music so if you aren't really a pop music fan this album probably isn't for you.


We had the lead single "Look What You Made Me Do", which shocked people, followed up by "..Ready For It", where we saw Taylor (sort of) rapping, another totally new look from her. However, we were then given "Gorgeous" and "Call It What You Want" which take us back more to the pop princess we expect, and the rest of the album is more authentic to her style we saw on 1989. Reputation has a couple vengeful/angsty songs to stand up to her haters, and also the sentimental and starry eyed songs of someone falling in love. The lyrics on most of the songs aren't really her best but the beats, production and way each of the songs flow is spectacular.


While most say this isn't her best album, I am a big fan and I have to find a way to get to a concert once she goes on tour.  I know people who aren't big fans of Taylor probably haven't even heard that album because it is only available for purchase, no streaming on Apple Music or Spotify for now, so I will go into more detail about each song.

1. ...Ready For It? - This one everyone has heard already and damn its a bop. Taylor trying something new with a rap like flow and a bass heavy beat. She does break it up with the hook being nice, light, sentimental lyrics which actually work in a really interesting way for me. This song really shows me she has multiple sides and I dig it. One of my favorites from the album. 8/10


2. End Game (feat; Ed Sheeran & Future) - Yes, you read that right. A song with Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Future! My mind is blown. I am so confused on how these artists can come together and create such a fun song. While the combo of voices on the track sounds like it would be weird it is actually really great and work so well. This song will do great on the charts, I can already imagine it on the radio! Big Reputation, big reputation, oooh you and me we got big reputations! 9/10



3. I Did Something Bad - This is the song that is speculated to be about Calvin Harris. Yes! Classic Taylor dedicating a song to drag her ex. I love Calvin Harris but damn girl, this is an ANTHEM for the ladies! The beat on this is bangin' and her vocals and sound great. They said I did something bad, but why's it feel so good? 8/10


4. Don't Blame Me - One of my favorite from the album for sure! The beat is slower, more soulful and Taylor really keeps her voice in check on this track. This could have been a disaster if she was the type of singer who tried to accomplish too much and hit notes too high. This song gives me some vibes like Take Me To Church by Hozier. The lyrics are catchy and I found myself singing along on first listen. 10/10



5. Delicate - Song starts with some odd autotune singing, which just kind of starts it in the wrong direction for me. It just seems like an odd choice, sounds sort of like she is singing in a tunnel for a few parts of the song. It's not a horrible song but it just seems very boring compared to the rest of the album. I didn't expect to love every single song so I am not mad that this one isn't a banger for me. It is a nice, chill song that has a decent enough beat. 6/10


6. Look What You Made Me Do - This song broke the internet when it came out, and then when the music video dropped so did our jaws. This is so not the Taylor we are used to that it is literally too much to comprehend. I think the beat is really fun and makes me want to dance around my house. The best part of this song is all the damn shade! Taylor made a stand with this song, and showed her haters that she is not afraid. This song reminds me of Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect's quote "I call myself Fat Amy so skinny bitches like you don't do it behind my back." Taytay is getting ahead of the hate and owning her reputation. 8/10



7. So It Goes  - Sadly, this song is definitely filler for me. Especially following LWYMMD, this is a bit underwhelming of a song. The beat starts really mellow and gets a little bigger but it doesn't really match her vocals. A lot of the lyrics just feel recycled from a few other tracks and without the impact of the other songs. This is definitely a song to have playing in the background, I wouldn't change it if it came on but if I want to really sing along or dance along this isn't the one. 6/10


8. Gorgeous - I don't love this song. I think the beat is good enough and her voice is fun, she has a bit of that rap/singing thing going on again which I think works for her voice. The downfall for this song for me is I find the lyrics really odd. I can't relate at all, which makes it a hard song for me to get behind. Not even in an alternate universe am I this awkward around guys. I prefer spiteful, powerful, shady Taylor, not this insecure, unsure one. I do have to say her voice sounds great on it though. 7/10



9. Getaway Car - This song has a great build up, and starts slow and picks up at the chorus which makes it a good choice to potentially be a radio hit. After speaking with other people who have listened to the album this seems to be a standout among a lot of people. I do enjoy this song but there are much better songs on the album that I would rank this more towards the bottom middle. I think if she releases a music video for this it could definitely rise on my list because it does have interesting lyrics that tell a story. 7/10



10. King of My Heart - A chorus I can really get behind. This song is another sentimental, love song but without the awkwardness of Gorgeous. This song gives me more authentic Taylor, reminding me of 1989 style. The beat for this one isn't anything too extreme or special but with the lyrics and the way she sings on it really elevates it. 8/10



11. Dancing With Our Hands Tied - The song starts and you think it's going to be a slow jam with a little bit of drum kick carrying it along but then the chorus hits us and the beat drops. It's a jam alright, and it has the lyrics of someone who is just falling in love. It's cute and relatable to her audience.  The beat paired with the lyrics is really a pleasure to the ears and I really enjoy this song. 8/10


12. Dress - One of my absolute favorites off the album. It really feels like an intimate, sexy but innocent song. We hear a lot of Taylor singing at the top of her range which gives a really dream like quality to the song. This song just gives me some major feels and that's what a great song does right? 10/10




13. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things - This long as song title, we are going to have to abbreviate so many of her songs on this album! On first listen I really disliked this song. It has such a juvenile, childlike flow to it. The way she sings on the chorus is like shes just shouting out the lyrics and not really listening. This is another vengeful, middle finger to the haters from the view of a girl having fun. On second listen, I don't hate it anymore. It is just really really catchy and one of those songs you don't want to like but sticks with you. It reminds me of We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and Shake it Off, songs that are just fun and not actually musically profound. This had previously  been my very bottom ranked song but has against my will risen. 7/10


14. Call It What You Want - The last song released before the album dropped. My favorite of the pre-released and even after listening to the whole album it still remains my favorite. The ease in which Taylor delivers the lyrics on this smooth as fuck beat is a dream. Everything works so well on this song! Taylor really knows how to deliver lyrics without doing too much, keeping songs light and enjoyable. 10/10


15. New Years Day - One of my top songs from this album. It has a different feel to it than the other songs on the album. It doesn't have any flashy electronic additions to the beat, its a simple song featuring a piano. This song really feels a lot more intimate and I would love to see Taylor at the piano singing this from the heart. I definitely get more of a songwriter feel from this to remind us that Taylor isn't just a manufactured pop star and she does write her own songs and is a legitimate songwriter. 10/10

I am really feeling this album right now even though it is very rare for me to enjoy so many songs on an album. Normally there are a few tracks that I like on anyone's album but most of the time a majority of songs are filler. I was so ready for this album and it didn't disappoint;  Taylor is clearly someone who is in the process of falling in love and she has shared that with us, she also wants to make it clear that she doesn't care what anyone thinks about her. I give this album a grade of A!


Overall Track Ranking:


1. Call It What You Want

2. New Years Day

3. Don't Blame Me

4. Dress

5. End Game

6. ...Ready for it

7. I Did Something Bad

8. King of My Heart

9. Dancing With Our Hands Tied

10. Look What You Made Me Do

11. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

12. Getaway Car

13. Gorgeous

14. Delicate

15. So It Goes