The Sun has entered Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) and man, is this ever a fun energy to work...

The Sun has entered Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) and man, is this ever a fun energy to work with. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck this cosmic energy makes us dream big, and bask in the good vibes. I like to call Sagittarius the entrepreneur of the zodiac. Those who are born in Sagittarius have both an amazing business like energy yet are extremely sociable, fun loving and care about the world around them. Miley Cyrus is actually born at the beginning of this period and is a perfect example of this energy. Say what you want about her but her ability to move through the turbulence of fame, while being true to herself and working as an advocate for the homeless, LGBTQ community and others speaks to the Sagittarius energy I’m talking about.  

For the next four weeks we are being called to take notes from Sagittarius, this may seem hard with oncoming exams and final papers for students and the stress of the holidays rapidly approaching. In reality, Sagittarius energy is here to help us de-stress and make the most of this time.  Here are just a few things I came up with:

  • Study Party – with strict Work vs Talk time frames  

  • Vision Board – Plan out your Goals for the New Year a little early, to get you motivated to get through the next four or so weeks.

  • Volunteer or Donate – The holidays are the perfect time to embrace the philanthropic side of Sagittarius. Donating clothes, canned goods or toys to help make the holidays better for others is a great way to embrace this energy

  • Retail Fever- Sag also gives of the feel of a shopaholic, when shopping for Christmas gifts or scavenging through those Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Sales this weekend make sure to keep a level head, don’t go over board but buy what you KNOW is worth it.

  • If you work in retail you can work with this energy to make the holiday shopping season as fun as can be, stay positive at work and crush your sales. (Sagittarius is also a Sales Person after all 😉 )

  • Positive Vibes – If you are or know any Sagittarius’ you may know that they can range from the chilliest person you know to someone who is constantly worrying about the little things. In the end they always tend to stay as positive as can be. Make the most of this cosmic time by looking on the bright side and dare I say, spreading holiday cheer?

If Miley isn’t your thing, think: Nicki Minaj, Chrissy Teigen, Britney Spears, Tyra Banks or Taylor Swift. All unquestionably bad ass Sagittarians.