As the weather gets colder, our lips get dryer. I must say, dry lips are not a good look and this...

As the weather gets colder, our lips get dryer. I must say, dry lips are not a good look and this goes for both men and women. Cuffing season is amongst us, people; nobody wants to kiss lips that feel like sand paper! That being said, I asked my Snapchat friends what their favorite lip care products are to get some insight on which products work relatively well for the majority. Well actually, I told them if I don’t get answers I was dedicating this post  to their “dry lip havin asses”.  Needless to say, that caught their attention and the answers came rolling in.

I personally prefer gloss because it adds some sauce to my look, but on the regular degular days, I prefer something that actually cares for my lips rather than just keeping them poppin'. I took a tally of what my followers recommended and here are the top 5 lip care products to keep your lips soft, moisturized and ready for any potential make out sessions this cuffing season! Conveniently enough, they are all inexpensive and can be found at your local drug store, so forget Sephora and their ridiculous prices and hit up Shoppers.


1. Vaseline

This was (by a landslide) the most recommended lip moisture product, specifically the portable tins. My personal favourite is the cocoa butter!


2. Carmex

I personally have never used this product, but one of my best friends swears by it. She's been using it since we were in grade 8 and her lips ain't ever been dry! Try it out and tell me how you like!

3. Nivea

At #3 we Have Nivea which comes in so many different flavours! My favorite is the original because it keeps your lips incredibly soft and smooth. I would stay away from the hydra-care ( light blue cover). it was my first time trying it a couple of weeks ago and rather that keeping my lips soft and smooth, it dried them out. Everyone is different though, so what may work for one individual may not work for the other.


4. Blistex Lip Medex

I actually swear by this product, especially during the winter months when our lips tend to crack more easily. To the guy on the OC Transpo whose lips were peeling, this one's for you buddy. How do you expect to cuff a girl if your lips look busted? For less than 5  bucks, this will fix it! I promise!

5. Burt's Bee's

Not only their lip products natural, they smell amazing and leave your lips feeling soft as a baby's butt!


These products are literally all under 6$, I know, a whole  meal from Warehouse (minus the tip), but lip care is important! If you really don't want to spend the money, there are items around the house you can use like shea butter, coconut oil and even olive oil. You have no excuse for dry lips this fall, so keep em' moisturized and cuff on!