I think by now, we have all been in a situation where we have involved with some sort of friends...

I think by now, we have all been in a situation where we have involved with some sort of friends with benefit. If you haven’t, then more than likely you have a close girlfriend who has so you were basically able to experience it firsthand meaning this might be of SOME relevance to you. 

If you have a person who you sleep with regularly, a couple of times, or even just more than once, is there an obligation or responsibility there to let the other person KNOW you’re not available to have sex anymore? Is this courtesy call required when they start dating someone?

Just last week I asked one of my multiple sex partners, because women’s sexuality is not something that needs to be hidden anymore, if he was up. He answered the next morning saying he passed out which was the predictable answer after ten minutes of waiting for a reply at 3 in the morning. However, a few days ago, I texted the same person asking to make a rendez-vous for this weekend (because by then I won’t be bleeding from down there anymore — ooo la la, another taboo topic)… and you know what he tells me? He can’t because he’s dating a girl now.  I mean good for him, BRAVO, there’s no hurt feelings there, SERIOUSLY! Come to think of it, I don’t even know his last name, HA.​​

The thing is, we did have sex a few times and had enough texts back and forth trying to arrange to have more sex. And it was good sex, like one of the best I’ve had all year, so is a courtesy call or text required in a situation like this?  I’m not talking about anything in depth at all, just a simple, “hey I started dating someone so I can’t sleep with you anymore, it was fun, thanks".

I personally think this would be normal, appropriate, and considerate. I feel like any person with decent manners would do this automatically, I mean, I know I would. For example, if I started dating someone next week, I would send a few quick messages as a courtesy because it makes it easier on both parties; there’s no confusion, and there is no ghosting happening.

With that, I wonder; would people rather not say anything at all and ghost someone instead of being straight up and commutative like a normal human person?

What are YOUR thoughts? Which side do you prefer? Should you send a courtesy text to your f*ck buddies to end it when you start dating someone? Or would you rather find out your f*ck buddy has a girl friend from a text or Instagram photo? I’d love to hear your stance!