Most of us have been there... If not ALL OF US have been there. When you are having sex and...

Most of us have been there... If not ALL OF US have been there. When you are having sex and you've scheduled it in your day for at least 30 minutes, possibly an hour from start to finish BUT then you come realize that it was the fastest FIVE minutes of your life.

Depending on the experience, it may be either good or bad. Regardless of the end result, here are some things to tell yourself to make you feel better when the sex lasts under 5 minutes whether they boost your mood, confidence, or just make you laugh. (SORRY MOM!)

Tell yourself that you’re just so damn good, he couldn’t contain himself.

At least it was less work for you and you don't have to redo your hair. It was a piece of cake!

It was just the practice run (for what not to do) for something better to come along. 

At least only his mom didn't walked in on you two this time and join in (unlike last time).

Just imagine him telling all his friends that he had great sex. Also imagine him telling his friends it lasted longer than it did. 

It wasn’t that big anyway.

Whatever compliment he gave you, take it and run with it (just say thanks I know, then do that THANG you do).

Pat yourself on the back. Allow it make you feel like a rock star — you did just rock his world! 

At least it doesn't run in the family (if you've happened to have sex with anyone else in his family... yes third cousins twice removed DOES count for this purpose).

Just remind yourself that you are more considerate than he is, and that goes farther in life than just the bedroom. 

Bad sex? Short sex? No problem for my dildo. I always can get myself off better anyway.

Happy with these encouraging funny tips? Let me know because there are more where they came from!