But first, for those of you who do not know what the Vagina Monologues are, they are a set of...

But first, for those of you who do not know what the Vagina Monologues are, they are a set of monologues written by Even Ensler based on interviews she conducted with over 200 women.  These women had different occupations and backgrounds so it wasn't just white women and she turned the interviews into the Vagina Monologues to showcase women’s voices and women’s issues. 

 By going to see the Vagina Monologues show this weekend, you will be fighting the patriarchy, helping the Ottawa community, and you'll have a fun filled few hours. Sounds better than a movie.

 We moan, We cry, We laugh! That’s why you should cum.

 So buckle up because I'm about to tell you why you need to see this show this weekend at Ottawa's very own Carleton Campus.

1. It is still relevant. 
Yes, the Vagina Monologues were written in the 90s, so some things are a little outdated, but the core issues covered in the monologues are still relevant today. Some of the issues are even more relevant now than before, especially with the recent #youtoo movement.

2. It will make you feel something.

Whether you laugh, cry, cringe or question, either way, you will be touched in some way by how much emotion and dedication these students put into their performances. I mean they have been working on the show since September! 

3. It is for a good cause.

Remember, this is a fundraiser! All of the proceeds will go to the Ottawa Rape Crisis Center. The money will go directly to helping the center help the community. Some of the money will even go towards paying for a survivor's therapy, and it also helps keep open their 24/7 help line.

 4. It is entertaining AF.
The performances that we do take a more theater-oriented approach than that of an individual monologue approach. This makes the show more enjoyable to watch and allows for the audience to engage in the content more, making it more enjoyable for all.

 5. Its actually not just about the monologues.

n order to be more inclusive and have more representation of different women's voices, the show has added some spoken word and song into the performance, as well as other voices. The club aims to do this to be more inclusive since it has been over 20 years since they were written.

 6. You are making a difference.

By watching the, you are helping  with breaking the glass ceiling. One of the topics in the show is women's sexuality. By talking about this or by watching it, you are engaging in a conversation about it which in turn is helping to normalize it. This is part of making a difference in our society. 


7. This is the only time you will be able to see this specific show. 
Yes, the monologues are the same, every year... but if the club was to perform all of the monologues then the show would be 5 hours long! Yikes! So the directors pick and choose which ones they want to direct and engage with. Also, there are members who come and go through the years, so this weekend will be the only time to see these monologues with this specific cast.

8. It is not the same as last year.
Just to reiterate my previous point… it is different cast, different directors, different monologues, and different spoken words! Therefore a completely new show.

 9. You are taking part in a community tradition.

This campus club has been putting on the show for over 15 years. That’s amazing. That’s something to be proud to be a part of and support.

10. You will learn something. 
Whether or not you are experienced in the bedroom, not too sure what the vagina is about in whatever context… you will leave the show learning something, or gain some clarification on something related to women's issues. You might learn something about yourself or learn some new tips and tricks!