Pisces is one of my favorite signs in the Zodiac because its season (Feb 20- March 20) flows perfectly with...

Pisces is one of my favorite signs in the Zodiac because its season (Feb 20- March 20) flows perfectly with the beginning of spring. As a water sign, there is a stronger connection to intuition and emotion when we are under Pisces energy. This will make us all more emotional then usual, these tears or outburst often bring a lesson and a sense of renewal.

 It is common to here that Pisces season asks us to “dive deep into our emotional waters” and that is very true, we definitely need to face our emotions – especially those we may be afraid to deal with. What I like to describe Pisces season as is the process of dipping cloth into water and wringing it out. We are being forced into the water, we cant do anything to stop it, but along with being forced into emotion we will be wrung out, freed of the dirt and bad habits and feeling brand new!

Another exciting part of Pisces energy to consider is the intuitive connection it brings us. You may find yourself wanting to expand your philosophies, thinking about other worlds and big ideas. Perhaps really getting into some Sci-fi TV. This is also the last little period before we begin a new Zodiac cycle and you maybe reflecting on some personal practices and values, considering how you want to grow as spring emerges. This is great!


If you are really feeling the Pisces vibes I recommend visiting one of Ottawa’s Crystal Shops and buying a piece that speaks to you. I know I know, Crystal energy? What? Well if your curious about anything mystical a crystal shop is a good place to start. Not only do they carry Crystals (Gem stones with energetic properties in their makeup that produce specific frequencies resulting in good vibes), you will also find jewelry, tarot cards, essential oils, books and decorations. They are the perfect place to deal with the emotional and intuitive energy of Pisces!  


My Favorite Crystal Shops in Ottawa are:

(Have a Favorite Ottawa Crystal Shop? Let us Know!) 

The Crystal Dawn

217 Dalhousie St.

My Go-to for Reiki charged Candles and Crystal Jewelry. Staff provide little blurbs about most crystals and  you buy! There is also a large collection of Canadian produce incense and sage.

Planet Botanix

301 Bank St.

This gem of a store is commonly seen on the 7 and 6 Bus Routes and is a treasure trove of spiritual equipment, handmade essential oils and soaps. and so so much more. (also SUPER friendly staff.)