How bad could a beef between 4 Geminis really be?

Kanye West has been nothing short of vocal lately about his political views and love for Trump.  This week the "Kanye loves Trump" drama came to an all-time high for a few reasons. Firstly, Lana Del Rey, went off on Instagram condemning Kanye for his support of the President which sparked a response from rapper Azealia Banks who pointed out the hypocrisy and chain of lies in Lana's claims and Azelia ultimately backed up Kanye. Secondly, on Thursday, October 10th Kanye and the President met in person at the White House to discuss the issues close to Kanye's heart and it was nothing short of entertaining. This whole web of drama that sparked from Kanye wearing the infamous MAGA hat on SNL two weeks ago is hilarious because it shows off the typical Gemini traits of each celeb involved in the beef.

Yes, Kanye, Lana, Azelia, and Trump are all Geminis. This can be quite telling to why each got into the drama and why Trump is returning the love.

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac belt and they are ruled by the planet Mercury which means they are driven by creativity and communication - a fitting sign for artists and business men. The most important thing to understand about Gemini's in regards to this beef is that they love gathering information, they want to know a little bit about everything. Because they are masters of communication they tend to take the information that they have gathered in a short amount of time and go about as if they have mastered it. Gemini's are also mutable signs and often hop from one idea or topic to the next and are just so charismatic and creative that they can fool you into thinking that they know it all.

We can see this classic "Gemini Syndrome"  through the events of this week. First with Lana jumping in as soon as she could to take Kanye Down a notch, then with Azaelia chiming in with proof of the opposite. Both Lana and Azaelia were channeling that inner Gemini who needed to get their voice out. In Lana's case she wasn't looking at the bigger picture and Azaelia clearly showed the flaws in her claims. Banks acted in true fiery Gemini fashion by getting all the information she could provide out there, even discrediting Lana through discussing her work with problematic artists and racist undertones. Again, an example of Gemini Syndrome as she jumped from topic to topic ultimately trying to discredit Lana and support Kanye.

Kanye is the essence of Gemini. We have seen Kanye express the intuitive, knowledgeable side of Gemini through his music, and now as he publicly expresses his political views to the world, people are asking, is this the same Kanye? One might assume that this is the typical two-faced attitude that comes from being a Gemini, which is represented in astrology by the constellation of the Twins. However, being a Gemini isn't so much about being two faced, instead about expressing the whole version of you in two extreme ways, something Kanye is clearly embracing. So, go Kanye for being one with your Zodiac sign.

In his meeting with the President, Kanye's Gemini's Syndrome truly showed as he discussed a lot of different ideas with the president. The pair discussed prison reform - which was a main point in his provoking SNL Monologue; the Korean War, in which they discussed the Trump administration having stopped it, saving millions of lives; as well as their love for each other; and the "Superman" like power the MAGA hat gives Kanye. Finally, get this, Kanye showed the president a hydrogen-powered airplane that he has been designing and suggested that it was the future so to "forget Air Force One". This is why the man is a typical Gemini; he's a rapper, songwriter, producer, fashion designer, and now hydro powered airplane designer? (On a serious note, I do support this hydroponic airplane, gotta make changes to save the planet folks).

I have to admit, I am not fully educated on the life and history of Kanye West and as an astrologer and someone who practices new age spirituality, I kind of get where he was going with his whole "slavery is a choice" theory. I just think his approach is problematic. I do appreciate his desire to "release the love" throughout America but he needs to give us more information. On the other hand, perhaps the media is only covering the crazy stuff he says and not the information he has to back it up! All of us are so used to getting info from tweets and quick BuzzFeed articles, that we could be missing out on the whole thought process behind Kanye's claims. Or is it just Gemini Syndrome hitting Kanye hard leaving him full of half-baked ideas?

*A quick word on Trump and his true, yet discombobulated example of a Gemini in politics.

Like Kanye, Trump may have gotten the presidency over his half thought out ideas and policies. He is known for using Twitter as a medium for political discussions which stays true to the Gemini way of life as they are driven by communication and will use any means available. He could improve in his tact but it is clear to see the Gemini come out in him as he discusses his policies passionately although never fully informed. His new found brotherhood with Kanye West is typical of two Twins, admiring each other for their passions and attempts to provide the world with huge solutions without any supportive evidence or education.