After returning from one of my favorite places in the world, Playa Del Carmen, earlier this week, I was seriously...
After returning from one of my favorite places in the world, Playa Del Carmen, earlier this week, I was seriously dreading readjusting to my regular life in Ottawa. From the not so grand nightlife to the annoying American culture, I've been feeling kind of down knowing I have to spend my Summer here.
Regardless, upon my return to Ottawa, I heard one of my favorite Canadian artists,Enima, was going to be performing at one of Ottawa's newest nightclubs. Although I was skeptical because of how new and far said club is, I decided to venture all the way out to Orleans in hopes to both meet Enima and get a feel of this club; kill two birds with one stone. I called up the only friend I had in town (sad, huh?) to ask her if she wanted to come with me since she already knew the artist and she said yes so I got us onto guest list in order to begin our night.

Now, I wasn't even sure what to wear because normally, on Saturday nights in Ottawa, you expect most will be dressed to the 9's and go all out. I wasn't trying to direct any unwanted or unnecessary attention towards myself so I opted for some black jeans and a lace corset top while my bestie wore a white dress with a light jacket over it. The drive to the club wasn't actually that bad, maybe around 20 minutes from the South end but still annoying nonetheless. If you don't drive, your only other options are to Uber or bus and that really, really sucks. An Uber will probably cost you around $25 each way which means that you just spent $50 to go clubbing, sad huh? And a bus ride will take you around an hour give or take and you'll probably have to leave the club early because most buses don't run that late. If you live in Orleans however, you're pretty much set.
Once we actually got to the club, it was around 11:20 which I thought was far too early so we just sat in my car talking about our plans for the summer and Tinder - sad, huh? Once it got closer to 12, we figured we could finally go in because most clubs in Ottawa don't get lit until around that time, anyway.

We went through security and cover then walked upstairs into the most awkward scenario I could have ever imagined; just thinking back on the whole atmosphere of the club at that point in time makes me cringe. I don't want to bash the club or the people that go there but to put it simply, it was so damn lame.
From what I remember, there are about 6 to 8 booths and at the time we got there, only 3 were filled up. Now, the rest did also fill up but one was reserved for the artist so I mean, take that how you want. The entire dance floor was empty except for a group of 3 girls who looked like they had just turned 19; one in particular was a cute little white girl wearing Sperry's and jeans which brings me back to the dress code. From what I garnered, it didn't seem that there was a dress code; in fact, I remember the moment two girls walked in wearing sweater dresses and I guess that's a thing now (like I said, American culture, lol). Among other fashion faux pas, I saw a lot of sneakers and casual fits which I thought was really odd for a Saturday night but then again, it is Orleans.

The music itself wasn't bad but pretty typical urban Ottawa DJ set so basically, the night started off with some recent hip-hop bangers then transitioned into Afrobeats and Dancehall. I'm not exactly sure if that's the DJ's fault or the club's fault but it'd be nice if urban Ottawa DJs could switch it up a little and drift away from playing Vybz Kartel's "Summertime"; it's literally 2018 and that song came out in what? 2011? Regardless, as I mentioned, the tracks played at the beginning of the night weren't so bad but it wasn't enough to make me want to bust it out on the dance floor or even post an Instagram story mouthing along the lyrics (except when "Gotti" by 6ix9ine came on, obviously).
With that being said, will I ever be returning? Probably not. I'll most likely stick to PPL for that urban club feel since Deville feels like the Walmart version of PPL. Normally, I could choke up the underwhelming experience to a bad night but when it's a Saturday, it's Summer, and you have an artist performing, there's really no excuse. I left at around 1 because I didn't want to stick around long enough to see if it would pack up but I will say that when I left, there was no one in line to go in so as I always say, take that how you want. I do want to mention however, there was this one host or a photographer, I'm not exactly sure what his role was, and he tried to get my friend and I to take a photo (although we respectfully declined) and he was super sweet! He gave us free shots and complimented our outfits so he definitely made my night (oh, how low the bar is, lol).
All in all, I find it interesting that owners are looking to open up clubs in the Suburbs of the city since it becomes a lot more accessible and convenient for those living there. That being said, as I mentioned earlier, this club will most likely only ever be visited by those living in Orleans. So what's the verdict? If you live anywhere but Orleans, don't waste your time or money but if you really want to wear sweaters, Sperry's and sneakers on a Saturday night while listening to the same music set they play at PPL, you know where to go.