When considering astrology, most of us are familiar with the idea of outer planets having an effect on the world, but,...

When considering astrology, most of us are familiar with the idea of outer planets having an effect on the world, but, have you ever considered how the Moon affects us and contributes to who you are?

Just like other planets represent different life areas (an article on that to come!) The Moon represents emotions. To me, The Moon is the most important astrological factor when defining the underlying energy of the day or the inner workings of my own mind.


Most people are familiar with their Sun Sign which helps describe ones general personality, Your moon sign however, is another fierce contributor in understanding how your mind works. The Zodiac Sign the Moon was in at the moment of your birth describes your inner thoughts, and how you are most likely to react to things emotionally. I have heard it referred to as "who you are at night"which reminds us that it could be very opposite to how you perceive your sun sign. Have you ever read horoscopes and thought "Meh, that doesn't really sound like me", perhaps it is because you are more prominent with your moon energy. It is super helpful to look at both of these astrological aspects when getting into astrology and horoscopes.

Find yours here by entering in your birth info here and use your Sun and Moon Signs when following CityinThree's horoscopes!   


Everybody knows about the phases of the moon cycle, Full Moon, New Moon, when it looks like a thumb nail etc. Recently I have dove into self education on working with the Moons cycles and the energies they bring ( but, that's another article).

On an average day the Moons position along the Zodiac belt can hep us understand the kind of emotional focus that day may bring. For example, Today and tomorrow (December 14-15) the Moon is in Scorpio, as a passionate and, somewhat dramatic sign, this is most likely to cause emotional reactions, and lots of budding energy towards transformation! The Moon stays in each zodiac sign for about 2.5 days before moving on to the next, but the energy of that Moon will be lengthened when it is Full or New, and that is why it is at the Full Moon and New Moons where I create horoscopes for you guys, stay tuned for next weeks!