2018 has been a remarkable year for black cinema. From Black Panther to Creed 2 coming out in November, it...

2018 has been a remarkable year for black cinema. From Black Panther to Creed 2 coming out in November, it is undeniable that black faces have been dominating Hollywood. This new age of progressive cinema has given rise to a new list of A list actors who have only just started building their legacy. Today, we decided to celebrate and honor these new faces. Without further ado, here’s a list of the top ten rising stars in black cinema who are currently sitting among the hottest names in Hollywood

5) Winston Duke

The Trinidadian actor earned his rise to freedom following his portrayal of M’baku, a popular character in the Black Panther lore. Winston sure knows how to navigate the waves of his newfound stardom, having already secured the leading role in the upcoming Kimbo Slice biopic. We are definitely eager to see where his career will go once he finally gets to be the front lead of a major project

4) Justice Smith

The 23 years old actor has had his fair share of bad luck in the industry. Although he is one of the most talented actors of his generation, he just can’t seem to find a project that makes good use of his ability. His portrayal of Ezekiel in the popular hip-hop theme Netflix series The Get Down could have gone in the archives of the most iconic performances given by a young black actor in a TV series. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled after only 2 seasons, leaving Justice Smith in the waters once again. Regardless, Smith still manages to stay afloat by playing secondary roles in movies such as Jurassic World: Falling kingdom. Since he is so young and so talented, the chances are still on sides; he only needs one good opportunity.

3) Lupita N’yongo

The only reason why she is not higher on this list is because an argument could be made that Lupita has already made it into the high class of Hollywood. With already one Oscar under her name for her astonishing performance in 12 Years a Slave, Lupita has already gone on to secure roles iconic roles in the biggest franchises in the history of cinema (Black Panther and Star Wars). Her role in The Queen of Katwe is criminally underappreciated. Needless to say, her talent and versatility will most likely help her cement her legacy… if she hasn’t done so already

2) Michael B. Jordan

What makes Michael B. Jordan such a household name in Hollywood is the fact that there aren’t any roles he cannot play. Some people are already calling him the new “Leo without an Oscar”, given the masterful performances he has already blessed us with. His portrayal of Killmonger in Black Panther was arguably the most memorable part of the film wit people putting him on par with Tom Hiddleston’s Loki and Josh Brolin’s Thanos. With Creed 2 coming out soon, Michael B. Jordan is the only actor on our list who has secured himself the leading role of an iconic franchise, picking up after Sylvester Stallone himself.

1) Tessa Thompson

The fact that she is my Hollywood crush has absolutely nothing to do with her being number one on this list. Well not entirely anyway. Tessa Thomson hasn’t been in a major leading role yet but her presence is still all over Hollywood. You see, Tessa Thompson is one of those actresses who always gives 100% of herself despite having mainly in secondary roles. Whenever she is on screen, she always ends up stealing the thunder from the lead, even if it’s for a second. A little like Samuel L. Jackson. You never know when he’s going to show up in something, but when he does, you know you’re about to watch one of the most memorable parts of the film. If the British actress could secure only one leading role, she would navigate the winds of glory for a very long time.

And here you have it folks. Our top five rising faces in black cinema. Yes, there are many other names that could have made it on this list I.e. Leticia Wright and Mahershala Ali. But that’s the beauty of the world we live in now.