It's roughly 6am on this brisk morning of November 15th. If you asked me yesterday what I would be doing...

It's roughly 6am on this brisk morning of November 15th. If you asked me yesterday what I would be doing at this time, I would have said I'd be in a nice deep sleep, probably having some weird dream or something. But that is not the case as I'm currently sitting on my couch, about to watch Friends, meanwhile there is a naked man sprawled out on my bed covering my soft blankets. Why is this relevant to know you might ask? Not sure how to kick a guy out of your apartment after you take him home after a night out or invite him over for some Netflix and chill? Don't worry, I'm not sure either, but here are some ideas on how to get him to the leave the next morning! (Yes this is actually happening to me right now).

I'm not sure how this will play out but fingers crossed. Let me know how you kick someone out the morning after! Did I miss any major methods? Let me know in the comments below.

1. Plan ahead! Make sure to mention what you are doing the next day as soon as you see him. Of course this can be a lie, but saying that you have to work the next morning at 10am is a good way to make sure he leaves at a reasonable time. 

2. He wants seconds... or thirds... or fifths.. before he leaves? Make up an excuse that you woke up with a stomach virus and he should leave so he doesn't get sick if he hasn't already. 

3. BRUNCH! Not many people will say no to brunch. This gives the opportunity for both of you to leave your place and you can get food while at it. To save time, make sure you have a place that has fast service near your home. (If you go with this plan, make sure he brings all of his stuff with him, especially if he brought a backpack or something so he doesn't have a reason to come back to your place).

4. Not sure what else to do? Say you got your period this morning. It is still such a taboo issue with some males so it's usually something that sends guys running for the door. 

5. Sit in the other room writing an article so that when he wakes up you're not there and he has to get up to find you. Since he's already up and walking, he might as well leave while he's vertical. 

6. Being blunt is best. Don't want to bother thinking up an excuse, then just be straight forward and ask him to leave because you have shit to do. 

7. Go with Plan B. Not down with any of the other options? I mean this figuratively and literally. Say you need to go get Plan B. This way you both leave the apartment and the vibe could turn weird which would differ him from returning with you.