College move in dates are quickly approaching and many first year students are packing and preparing for leaving home for...

College move in dates are quickly approaching and many first year students are packing and preparing for leaving home for the first time to move into their dorm rooms. Although it is an exciting time in a young person’s life, it can also create an overwhelming sense of feeling unprepared. Here’s a list of things you should and should not bring to college to help ease your stress!

1. DO BRING a cozy blanket. They make all the difference during the cold, winter months when you are studying, sleeping, or getting caught up on Netflix.


2. DON’T BRING lots of decorations. Chances are you won’t have a lot of space for your beloved picture frames from your trip to Disneyland in the fifth grade or your snowglobe collection. These things will just create clutter and make your life more difficult.


3. DO BRING a refillable water bottle. It is so important to drink water and even if you fill it up in the morning and take a few sips throughout your three hour lecture, your body will thank you for the hydration.


4. DO NOT BRING all your clothes. Pack for the season. If you are arriving to college early September and will go back home in October for Thanksgiving, don’t pack all your sweaters, boots, and coats. Pack the essentials for early fall, then bring your shorts and sandals home at Thanksgiving.


5. DO BRING a shower matt and/or shower shoes. Even if you have your own bathroom in your dorm for you and your roommate, you still want to protect your feet from whatever is on your shower floor.


6. DO NOT BRING lots of school supplies. Chances are you will probably do all your homework and notes on your laptop, so you do not need to stock up on notebooks and pens.  Definitely would recommend however, a stapler because chances are your professor won't have one for you to use.


7. DO BRING fairy lights. If your dorm allows these, fairy lights are an excellent way to brighten up your space that creates instant comfort for your study night or watching a movie with your roommate.


8. DO NOT BRING books you won’t read. If you read for pleasure, you probably won’t have time between classes and your social life. Chances are you will be too tired to read after a day of homework and will just want to settle for Netflix so these books will take up more space and will just be a waste of space in your suitcase.


9. DO BRING comfy sweatshirts and t-shirts. These are what you will probably wear to class most of the time and they are great to have to throw together a simple outfit to go out in or to stay in your dorm to write that research paper.


10. DO NOT BRING a ton of throw pillows or stuffed animals. These may bring extra comfort and familiarity to your dorm room, but they will eventually get in the way and you won’t want to make your bed everyday, so they will just sit around.

I hope this list brought some (even just a little) help as you pack for the next step in your educational career. Best of luck!