The Glebe is undeniably a must-visit neighbourhood in Ottawa. Everywhere you look there's quaint shops, cafes, and more smiling joggers...

The Glebe is undeniably a must-visit neighbourhood in Ottawa. Everywhere you look there's quaint shops, cafes, and more smiling joggers with dogs than I thought existed. I've lived in Ottawa for four years now. From late-night Kettleman's runs to praying a table frees up at Starbucks during midterm season, you could say I know the area pretty well. So when I tell you that Wild Oat is THE spot to visit, you better sit down and hear me out.


Wild Oat has an energy like no cafe I've ever visited before. Before you start questioning how a cafe can have "an energy", you better march your ass down to Bank and Fourth and experience it yourself. But for now, I'll give you the rundown.


Walking into Wild Oat feels like you just got to your Aunt Martha's house on a Sunday to bake muffins. You know, that Aunt who smells like cinnamon and gives you bear hugs that make you forget all your worries. That warm, familiar place that you're pretty sure beats seeing the light of day ever again.


Wild Oat is homey to say the least. Local artwork frames the walls, groovy hand-drawn menus overarch the counters, and not to mention it smells like all things wonderful. You'll want to cozy up in the first seat you find. 



Every staff member I've interacted with Wild Oat (and that's a lot of people) has an undeniably great vibe. How can a cafe have such a high ratio of groovy, friendly, dope people? Can you tell me your life story? Do you want to be my friend? Am I cool enough to be your friend? 



Wild Oat is composed of two connected sides. One side is their bakery, serving up fresh salads, handmade pizzas, quiche, countless loafs of good-for-you bread, and baked goods galore. Did I mention they're all healthy choices? Whether spelt flour, vegan, or organic, Wild Oat is extremely conscious of using the best ingredients in everything they sell. If that wasn't enough, there's an unreal hot food bar. $7 for more delicious vegan lasagna than my stomach can hold? Yes, please.


The other side serves up wicked sandwiches, crepes, smoothies, hot and cold beverages, AND alcohol. If the witty names of their dishes aren't enough to make you smile, your tastebuds will. Are you on the 6 South Keys bus yet?


Community Table 

Yet another charming aspect of Wild Oat is their community table. In the back corner you'll find a nook open to anyone and everyone. It encourages total strangers to meet each other if they came alone, just cut all their toxic friends and need some new ones, or just want a pal to chat with. You'll usually find my introverted self hunched over at the bar watching Glebe joggers go by, but the option is a delight to have.


Needless to say, if I walk into Wild Oat in a sour mood you bet I'll leave an hour later high-fiving people down the street and whistling Michael Bublé. If I don't get inspired by the happy baristas or life-loving family sitting beside me, it at least reminds me how much I love this city. 


So walk, roll, skip, or cartwheel your ass down there ASAP. You'll thank me later.