All my life, I've had pretty thick and curly hair. I went through all the phases with it including the...

All my life, I've had pretty thick and curly hair. I went through all the phases with it including the relaxing, the straightening, the dying, the cutting, the treatments, and so much more. I've hated my hair and I've loved my hair but if one things for sure, I knew for a fact that no one knew how to ​​manage my hair like I did. I've never been loyal to a hairdresser and I've most definitely never ​​gotten it trimmed every 6 weeks. But then I met Cherine and Moodie who change my perspective on hair care. ​​

To start off, when I was younger, I had extremely long, thick, and curly hair but I looked up to Rihanna and when she cut her hair short during her "Good Girl Gone Bad" phase, I knew I wanted to do the same. I was ready to just cut off all my hair and go for a pixie cut but my mom on the other hand was not having it. She agreed to let me cut offabout half my hair and thus began my new hairstyle. I hated it. It was short, my hair lookedfrumpy, and it just didn't suit my face so when I started high school, I began to over wash and straighten it every single​​ day. This obviously created some major heat damage to my hair and my hair just became a hot mess; it was thin, fried, and I got really annoyed that​​ I had to constantly straighten my hair all the time. One day, I decided I would just try to style it curly and see what happened. Fast forward to a couple years later, and my hair is poppin'! My curls have flourished and my hair is extremely healthy but that's where MC Laser Clinic and Hair Salon comes in. 

The salon owner, Moodie, reached out to me and asked if I was interested in the Chi Keratin treatment but after thinking about it for a bit, I decided to just go for a wash and style. The keratin treatment is excellent for people looking for a way to get smooth, frizz-free, straight hair but without any chemicals. In fact, it actually increases strength in hair and makes it so you can go out in humid or wet weather and still maintain straight hair. It's similar to a relaxing treatment or a perm but with 0% of the damaging side effects. It's honestly the best option for anyone who wants permanently straight hair or smoother hair if you have very curly hair. 


Anyways, the styling that I got was honestly pretty similar to other salons; wash my hair, detangle it, and then start blow drying it. The only problem is that because of my background, my hair is harder to manage than most; it's thick, curly, and there's a lot of it. That being said, it didn't hurt when Moodie was managing my hair yet he was still able to manipulate it in a way that brought about the desired results. 


By the time we were done, my hair looked and felt amazing! I had never gotten it that flat and that straight before all while ensuring minimal heat damage. ​Although my ends are pretty dead and I didn't opt for a trim, the rest of my hair looked and felt extremely healthy. It didn't feel thin, dull, or dry; instead, it looked like it was full of life and super shiny! I received an insane amount of compliments including from my boyfriend who totally hates when I straighten my hair because he's all about the curly hair life! 


That being said, Moodie also provided excellent customer service and was extremely professional all throughout. He made me feel comfortable, offered me water, and was very easy to talk to. The style I got was only 40$ and it came out to 50$ including the tax and tip which I found to be extremely cheap! I've gone places where I ended up paying over 100 so this was a nice change. 


​​The only downside I could see to this would be the location and although it's convenient for me, it's not downtown so that might be a hassle for some. However, it is located a 5 minute drive or 10 minute bus ride from Billings Bridge so it's really not too bad. If you hate bussing, it's a $15 Uber ride from downtown. 


Service: 10/10

Location: 7/10

Price: 10/10

Would I go back? Already did. 


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