I get this question a lot. When you are in a happy and satisfying relationship people tend to want to...
I get this question a lot. When you are in a happy and satisfying relationship people tend to want to know how to attain that same level of happiness. Many people are looking for love; as much as we want to say that this generation doesn’t care about love and commitment, that is mostly just a constructed philosophy enhanced by popular culture. The truth is, people do want love, they want to be in love and they want to be loved. They want that person that was made for them and with whom they will have the ultimate love story with.
So where is he? Where is she?

The problem I find with most people that are looking for love, is that they are looking for love. Yes, you heard me right. When you are looking too hard for something you will end up not finding anything, settling for anybody or missing out on what’s in front of you. When I found the love of my life, I had stopped looking for “love”. I was a little hurt by the outcome of my last relationship so I started living my best life and not over-thinking as much I usually did. It was fun, I won’t lie and it definitely took my mind off my own personal impending deadline to find true love.
Thinking about the situation makes me emotional because soon after I stopped looking for it, I found the most passionate, intense, magical, love of my life. I will not lie to you all, it was a beautiful experience to enter in such a fantastic love. It definitely is not always easy to maintain this type of love, we fell in love fast and hard and some things we bypassed. However, this article is about finding your soulmate, not maintaining your relationship - we can talk about that in the next article.

Many of my friends and the people that I know are on an active search for love and it is weary. It makes me a little sad for them because I know this desperate search for love is not the way to go and I also know I have been there. It is very difficult to stop excessively worrying and stressing over something you truly want, but what you should do is switch your focus. Focus on yourself for a bit, nurture yourself, treat your own self to a date, get to know yourself in-depth. I promise you the right person will come *corny alert* when you least expect it. When he/she comes however, PLEASE, do not push them away because some small part of that person does not fit into your "ideal person" mold. Of course if there are red flags, run for the hills but other than that please try and be more open minded and expand your horizons. Get to know people for what they are, people.
Now when you find that right somebody, don’t forget to invite me to the wedding, I have a great matchmaking record. 😉