All your favorite hip-hop bangers in one LGBTQ+ safe space.

Racism in the LGBTQ2+ community is a tricky topic. Although, black people are, and have always been, a vibrant part of the community, they have faced discrimination and racism from the very same people they sought to trust.

From revolutionary icons such as the openly gay novelist, James Baldwin, and transgender rights activist, Marsha P. Johnson, to current day advocates such as actress, Laverne Cox, and basketball star, Jason Collins, LGBTQ black folk have consistently contributed to the seemingly never-ending fight for social, racial and economic justice in LGBTQ2+ history.

Creating safe spaces for black LGBTQ2+ folk has always seemed to be an afterthought and it's unjust. LGBTQ2+ black people live at the intersection of racism, homophobia and transphobia and continuously face a number of critical issues, including economic insecurity, violence and harassment, stigmatization in the Black community, health inequity, religious intolerance, and criminal injustice. Allyship in the LGBTQ2+ community can be compared to white feminism as many times, queer folk of colour are left out of the equation, ultimately leading to a marginalized subgroup within an already marginalized group - confusing, right?

To simplify things, a lot of the times, the fight for LGBTQ2+ equality doesn't include Black LGBTQ2+ members even though their longtime contributions to the fight for justice have paved the way for LGBTQ2+ members of all races. With that being said, Breakout Squad recognizes and acknowledges the struggles Black members of the community have had to face so that's why they've taken it upon themselves to create a safe space for Black LGBTQ2+ members to party during this years Capital Pride. 

On Friday, August 24th, PPL Nightclub will be hosting a pro-Black nightlife event for the LGBTQ2+ community. Although members of all races are obviously invited, the emphasis this year is being put on creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for Black members and their allies. Staff will receive sensibility training, there will be gender inclusive bathrooms, and this event is being sponsored by Capital Pride as well as One Condoms (meaning free condoms!). Additionally, there will be a raffle with sex toys and safe sex goodies given to some lucky winners.

Cover will be free until 11:30, $10 afterwards, and PPL is located at 130 George St.

For guest list or bottle service, visit the Breakout Squad website.