As the title puts it, this Wednesday marks the end of an era. Express Yourself was an outlet for artists...

As the title puts it, this Wednesday marks the end of an era.

Express Yourself was an outlet for artists to do exactly what the name claims, express themselves. It was a weekly event where local performers and fans of live music could come together to share the space at PPL Nightclub. The night served as a great spot to go whether you wanted to just kick back or, contrarily, get loose and turn up. You could find people from all crowds at this event.

Unfortunately, it was recently announced that this event was coming to an end for an undisclosed period of time. It's uncertain when or if the event will come back to PPL Nightclub but it's safe to say that we're sad to see it go. If you recall, you'll know that around 3 years ago, I was provided with the opportunity to sit down for an interview with the founder of Express Yourself because I was so intrigued by the weekly show.

With that being said, Wednesday, August 28th, marks the last Express Yourself until further notice. In a collaboration event with SHIFTER Magazine to launch their new Spotify playlist, Capital Essentials, this show won't be one to miss. Juwn will be performing live and the music of the artists included on the playlist will be playing all night. The event starts at 10PM.

Since just about forever, artists in the city have complained about the lack of support, as well as the lack of platforms, for them to get their names out there and showcase their talent. Express Yourself provided them with that outlet and it's been quite the ride with artists such as Jamie Fine x Elijah Woods having actually performed a couple times early on in their career.

Although I hate to see it go, I'm glad to have been able to witness the positive impact such an event had on creatives in the city.

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