With this, other artists now have a standard to meet for the rest of the year.

Last night, I was introduced to one of the best songs and music videos to come out of Ottawa in a long time.

"Dash" by Huey Draper, JUWN, and Chanksdaddy is the perfect track to kick off 2019 in the city. The song, which received minimal promo, pretty much immediately went viral within the city with most noting how creative and well done the music video was.

The song was produced by none other than Chanksdaddy and it's a very feel-good type of beat. It's light and it's airy but it has the right amount of actual bass. When it comes to Huey's rapping, he rides the beat perfectly and his flow is on point. In fact, in addition to that, his voice is a perfect fit for the beat, as well as a nice blend when paired with JUWN's vocals. Regarding JUWN, the RnB artist absolutely kills his part in the song. As per usual, he does not fail to deliver; his ability to create such an euphonious sound with so little effort is unmatched in the city.

Now, let's talk about the video. Normally in a tune review, we just go over the song and keep it pushing but this music video cannot go unnoticed. Produced and directed by a brand called Heirmanos, the video is not only aesthetically pleasing, with pastel shots throughout, it's also extremely creative and fun to watch. One really dope feature about the video is that they have their squad with them who just so happen to be other Ottawa artists (@j.chinnasz, @chanksdaddy) which is great in terms of support within the city. Additionally, one of the most unique scenes in the video definitely had to be the shot when the duo was at some sort of farm, although the edited clips of them dancing over a Monopoly game were definitely a close contender. In short, this video was unique, creative, and one that will definitely go down in the city's musical history.

All in all, enough said. Check out "Dash" for yourself.