Tune Review: Endless Emotions – Sad Canadian Boy

Sad Canadian Boy gives his audience a low-fi hip-hop track that’ll leave them thinking about their lover. The song begins with a sample of Lisa from the Simpsons that sets the theme for the whole track. Accompanied by a mellow beat, the lyrics express the notion of finding the perfect girl after living a life of tragedy. The sunken, lonely place he was in became filled with love when he met his significant other. Sad Canadian Boy really demonstrates his talent in flawless flow transitions, his ability to switch from one sound to another is smooth and shows how versatile he is on a beat.

 Not only was the song released on all platforms, it also came out with a music video that visually displayed the romantic affection portrayed through the lyrics. Humorous scenes were used to contrast a sappy message, similar to how people use humor to hide their real emotions towards a significant other. Whether or not that was his plan, it still complemented the overall theme. An example can be the scene where he has confetti dropping on his head, while roses fall in the background. This matches the underlying message and also suits the Valentine’s Day theme which was when the video dropped. The various backdrops really added a sense of creativity to the video, displaying anime, hearts, and Asian influenced cuts. Lastly, a 90’s video tape effect was used, which made for a modern/vintage clash that added a whole new dimension to the visual. To conclude, a solid track from Sad Canadian Boy that portrayed a lot of emotion both sonically and visually.

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