After dropping his EP, Sweeter Dreams, and two singles, "Cheeseman" and "I Knew", Ramriddlz has spent quite some time out...

After dropping his EP, Sweeter Dreams, and two singles, "Cheeseman" and "I Knew", Ramriddlz has spent quite some time out of the spotlight. That is, until last night when he finally made his comeback with a new single, "Katana", featuring Killy and produced by none other than Jaegen and AmirJamm.

The track has Ramriddlz softly crooning over a laidback, somewhat energetic beat while Killy takes over the chorus with his raspier voice. True to his usual self, Ramriddlz raps about drugs, cutting his love interest off, and of course, anana.

Although the song was teased on social media, there wasn't much hype leading up to the track. In fact, any news that the Mississauga native would be dropping a track soon, one featuring Killy at that, was only mentioned earlier this week. With that said, Ramriddlz did let fans to stay on the lookout for an EP coming soon entitled,  Ramreaper. Killy, on the other hand, whose music is normally a lot grungier with a raspy sound has blown up over the past year, coming off the release of his own E.P., Killstreak, which came out just last month.

In regards to the song itself, it's definitely a great way for Ramriddlz to mark his "comeback". Although he did drop the two aforementioned singles earlier this year, the anticipation of waiting for some new Ramriddlz music had started to die down. This track, however, revived just what fans were waiting for, especially considering the announcement of his upcoming E.P. Furthermore, the contrast between Ram and Killy's voices works well, particularly at times when the song switches between the two as the beat picks up and drops. Jaegen and AmirJamm also kill the beat, as expected, though I'm starting to miss some of Jaegen and Ram's earlier dancehall sounds.

At this point, hopefully Ramriddlz will stay consistent in his music and continue to release new content. Since his first album, he's used his music to show fans many different sides of him. From wasteman Ramriddlz, to goofy Ramriddlz, to in love Ramriddlz, to heartbroken Ramriddlz, the versatility and potential are both there; Ramriddlz is certainly an artist who isn't afraid to switch up his sound. It seems he just  needs to figure out where to go from here in order to truly establish himself as an international mainstream artist - let's hope that comes with the drop of Ramreaper.

You can listen to "Katana" on Apple Music and other streaming services today.

Notable lyrics: Cut you off, katana / Woke in Okinawa / Wont see you mañana na na (na na na na)