Tune Review: No More – Lia Kloud

Energy, Energy, Energy. Lia Kloud brings a certain type of energy that is unmatched in the capital city. With the hip hop scene growing in Ottawa, Lia brings the trap sound to a whole new level complimenting the amazing production from Shaq France. Her flow naturally adapts to the melody of the beat creating a smooth sound throughout the entirety of the song. There’s a unique swagger to the way she delivers her lyrics making it seem as if she’s nonchalantly flexing, while also hitting hard on each bar she raps. Nonetheless, Lia Kloud knows exactly how to switch flows without altering the aura of the track.

The music video directed by WoodBoys Productions portrays stunning visuals that match the vibe of the song. The transitions from frame to frame mixed with added effects compliment the beat, making it a more cohesive audio-visual representation. A comparison can be made to Killy’s Very Scary video in terms of the overall atmosphere and editing, especially with the lightning effects. As a result, a very enjoyable experience that goes well with the song.

Lia Kloud is an outstanding artist that should be getting more love from the city and the industry. A track like No More is just a glimpse of her talent. As time goes on she will develop into a star, leading the female hip hop scene in Ottawa. The song is available on all streaming platforms and the video can be viewed on Youtube. You can catch her opening at Lil Berete’s show on August 17, 2018 @ the Bourbon Room.

Notable Lines: They killing my kins and they hate on my skin; They just mad they weren’t blessed with some melanin.

Artist Comparisons: Kodie Shane

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