Remaclara is an 18 year old breath of fresh air for Ottawa.

Mysterious, Ominous, Soulful. Have we discovered a hidden gem in the 613? I think so. Remaclara is a young superstar in the making, at just 18 years old she’s created a name for herself through her unique sound. Categorizing her music into a particular genre would be a difficult task, she takes elements from different worlds and blends them together to produce beautiful melodies that automatically catch the listeners’ attention. Her standout track "Too High for You" off her project Amaranthine illustrates exactly what I mean. The production matches perfectly with the aura of the song, creating a dark atmosphere where the artist is able to express her emotions.

The story behind this song roots from the difficulties experienced in a past friendship. Instead of handling matters in a mature way, this person decided to aim at Remaclara’s music career. With all this built up anger she decided to use her talents as an outlet for her emotions. The artist quotes, “I was feeling so much rage and confusion, and I was so insulted. So I took my anger out in words and it seemed to work out really well. It’s one of my favourites off the album.” She adds, “The fact that someone can have such a hateful grudge against you and decide to take it out on your talents, honestly makes me sick. It doesn’t make sense and it just shows plain jealousy. They have nothing else to hit you with.”

At such a young age, being able to channel these emotions and express them through music really shows how mature Remaclara is as an individual and as an artist. Her lyrics have metaphorical value that make her content relatable to her audience. In her own words, “The concept about being “too high” for someone is a physical and visual feeling that was put into metaphorical terms of feeling good/feeling bad = feeling high/feeling low.” Remaclara has a natural technical element to her music making process where she is able make the listener visualize a whole situation primary off listening to her lyrics. This is the definition of talent and hard work. In an era where music is so disposable, she creates a quality sound that is timeless, not to mention emotionally memorable to her listeners. Maybe it has to do with her love for music, she’s been exposed to it since she was 4 years old and has been keeping a trend of improving her talents through performing and recording. As a result, the future is bright for this young star, at 18 years old she is already so experienced and so prepared for what the world has to offer.

“Amaranthine” (7 songs -released July 18th) is available on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, SoundCloud and many other platforms.

Notable Lines: Those who have tried, tried to knock me down, just know that I’m too high, Im too high for you.

Artist Comparisons: Janine and the Mixtape, Billie Eilish

Photos taken by Oriana Delgaty.