In your early twenties, EVERYONE seems to be stressed out and coping with (or ignoring) massive inner conflicts. Most of us...

In your early twenties, EVERYONE seems to be stressed out and coping with (or ignoring) massive inner conflicts. Most of us just shrug and say ”that’s the way it is” but I’m writing this article to tell you that your stress can be much more than that. In fact, it's cosmic; whatever you’re going through just may be a lesson brought on by good ol’ Saturn.

In Astrology, the planet Saturn represents our authoritative inner teacher, Saturn affects us here on earth by bringing forth major lessons that help us better understand our true life path, and ultimately how we view the world around us.

Unlike the Sun, which enters the exact position it was at your birth every year (aka. Your birthday), Saturn takes 28.5 years to circle the zodiac belt and therefore reaches a 1.5 year long cosmic “checkpoint” in relation to your birth every seven years (Ages 7, 14, 21 & 28).  When the energy of Saturn influences us at these ages, we are being put through different lessons which tend to upgrade our way of thinking. The particular astrologer who taught me this calls them “Cosmic Rights of Passage.”

What is so special about the Waning Square?

In our early twenties we go through a lot of changes, moves, crazy emotions and depression. A lot of people chalk it up to growing up but astrologically, it's because of your “Saturn Waning Square”; the third quarter checkpoint of Saturn on its journey back to the exact point it was when you were born. In this position, Saturn unleashes a bunch of tension, emotion, and lessons around who we are and our purpose. Saturn is screaming down at you to “wake the fuck up!” and drop those old patterns or people who bring you down and keep you from living your lifes purpose. By bringing up all the bullshit Saturn is asking us to start living our best life because whatever it is that is holding us back from our goal or happiness is an obstacle we are capable of over coming.

How Can We Survive the Stress of Our Saturn Waning Square?

Acknowledge it – The tough times are just that –a tough time- by recognizing that life is a process and that these troubles are lessons that will make you stronger is half of the work.

Go Easy on Yourself - Not everyone experiences the waning square in the same way. Some can be super motivated, ready to make changes; others might not have a clue what is going on, aware of the things they need to change but can’t get past certain beliefs and insecurities. It is important for everyone to remember to be gentle with themselves. Do so by treating yourself on really crappy or really good days, celebrating accomplishments, encouraging others and being open to receive encouragement in return.  

Think About your Purpose - The whole point of the lessons Saturn brings us in our early twenties is to help us understand our path and purpose. Don’t be afraid to question your relationships, career or schooling and if it is truly serving you. By thinking about what you want, who you are, and how you present that through your actions and reactions your path will reveal itself to you. 

The end of your waning square may feel a little surreal; you will have just gone through many trials and physically and emotionally exhausting spiritual feats. Hopefully you will look back on the last year and a half grateful for all the lessons you learned and those moments that shaped you.