We always enter a new school year with an idea of how it is going to go. Sometimes we hope to...

We always enter a new school year with an idea of how it is going to go. Sometimes we hope to excel in our studies or expect ourselves lose interest after the first few months. These Horoscopes based off of the Planets that represent your drive, limitations, and luck are sure to give you a good overview of how the year is actually going to go.


Can I Get a Do-Over?  You are entering the school year a little distracted by rekindling your friendships and meeting some new people. You may get swept up in social activities for a while, and even feel like you have changed your mindsets in some way. Saturn the planet of life lessons, is in your life area of work and career, with this astrological positioning you are going to be taught some hard lessons regarding how you work and where you want to take your career.  When Mars enters your Sign on January first you are more than likely to have a better second semester with renewed focus and ease when it comes to being driven and productive. This is the do-over everyone wants.


Starting off Strong. You are entering this school year with Mars in your house of work and career! This really couldn't be any better, Mars is the planet which represents where we will be applying our drive, and having Mars in this position you should have entered the semester determined and focused. The trick is to keep this energy moving throughout the whole year so make sure to start good habits and reward yourself! You are definitely likely to persevere this year as Saturn is making you broaden your mindset and aim for your wildest dreams. This could mean that you take on an extracurricular or a heavy workload which may bring up some challenges but you are a Taurus, so create structure and you will be good to go. Another fun thing about this school year is that Jupiter, the planet of luck, spends the first few months in your love and relationships zone, your romantic life should be satisfying until Nov. at least (keep an eye on the weekly horoscopes to know more).


Gotta Catch 'em All. As usual Gemini, you are all over this sh*t. You're starting off the semester full of ambition and opportunity, it gets better when Mars moves into your house of Work and Career November 19th helping you gear up for those final projects. Saturn is in your life area of Transformation all year which could mean that you are going to have a bit of a struggle only because a change is coming and you may fight against it. If you reflect on what this transformation might be, the shift will come a lot easier for you. This may be a change in your program or even a change in how you work and focus. Jupiter the planet of abundance helps this transition along, spreading some luck to your health and love life areas.


Half Baked. You are on the cusp of some deeper transformation as the school year begins. This could mean a different living situation, different major or mindset. Whatever it is that has changed from last year may make you feel a little off at first. You need to give yourself time to re-adjust, so be patient with yourself and don't be afraid to have some fun exploring this new phase. The second semester will bring a more work-oriented mindset to you as Mars, the planet of drive enters your work and career zone. Throughout the year, Saturn the planet of major life lessons hits up your Relationships, this means that there could be an important relationship evolving in regards to your school work, don't be afraid to befriend those professors or TA's and ask for help, ignoring those relationships could be something you regret.


What's Love Got To Do With It? September kicks off with your head in the clouds thinking about love and the relationships you can develop this year. This isn't the best way to start off the year but, hey, you do you. You may be less focused on academics this year and more focused on the routine of your life and the purpose of going to school. This might be a big wakeup call if you are in a program that you don't feel aligns with how you want to serve the world. This may also show up in the form of learning to care for yourself rather than others. With the astrological energies that will unfold this year, it is best for you to reflect on what you want to do and how you can make sure you live a balanced life this school year. Balanced, meaning you care for your school, others and yourself without one life area draining the other.


Full Circle. This year you start off determined to have a good routine and perhaps help others along the way. your plan goes well for a while but may be thrown off a bit come wintertime thanks to some relationship developments and personal changes. Overall the lesson for you this year is to tune in to your creative side,  have a little fun and truly enjoy what you are putting out there or what you're working towards. This can change the way you communicate and can even how you think of home. This is typical third-year energy from what I understand, you're at a point where you're inspired by the work you have put into your school life so far that you can't wait to actually have your own life and continue what you have got going on as your own person. Ultimately, this year is gonna change things for you.


Smoooort. When I first looked at the astrological energy for you I was instantly reminded of Brooklyn 99's Jake Peralta. He has a fun loving and wacky exterior but is really smart, observant and true to his values. That is kind of how your year is going to go, Libra. You are stepping into the school year with Mars in your Fifth house, this means that matters of fun and creativity may be of more importance than your actual school work, but, like Jake Peralta's underlying intelligence Jupiter and Saturn will bring a grounded energy to your routine and foundations which means that your fun activities won't get too out of hand. After Christmas, there may be a little change with some focus going towards your relationships and love life as Mars enters your Seventh house. The underlying lesson for you this year is going to be how to stay grounded throughout any change and distractions.


Getting your Life Together. You may not know it yet, but as a Scorpio, you thrive off change. The school year seems to start off with you readjusting your foundations and getting things in order, there is a steady progress of your focus throughout the year to different areas of your life, your health, routine, relationships. It can be hard to do academic work while we are sorting out other parts of our lives but you seem to have a better sense of who you are and what you want this year so that is already a step ahead. Your biggest challenge when it comes to school this year may be in areas of communication, this could mean needing to improve your writing style, learning a new style altogether, or communicating with your profs and classmates to help you understand.


I've Got This. You seem to have a pretty good grip on the school year Sag. Mars is making its way through your communication zone then your foundations which is perfect for school!  Throughout University or College, communication is key, starting of the year focusing on the way you write your papers or getting to know the professors and people in your class is always a good start. By November you will have a good grip on what is being asked of you and who you can reach out to for help. There is an underlying focus on your values this year, so if you aren't very academically oriented or you don't see school as a way to progress your future, this might make you more uncomfortable. Otherwise, you are happy to be back in school and able to work towards those big dreams of yours. You are also starting a whole new cycle when it comes to luck and abundance, this is because Jupiter, your ruling planet is going to be in your sign November 9th. This means that leading up to November you may tie up some loose ends or need to let some kind of dream or expectation go and start a whole new journey when it comes to the world's possibilities, this makes the rest of the year rather exciting and optimistic for you.


Business as Usual. You seem to have a good handle on your work ethic and routine, after all, you are a Capricorn. Those life areas will see more adjustment after the school year is over. Saturn, the planet of major life lessons and tough decisions is in your house of self and has been for some time. It has just gotten out of its retrograde motion as well which means that you could be dealing with changes regarding your appearance, self-love or overall outlook on life. You might want to change your program or join an extracurricular that makes you feel good, that aligns with who you are. You may even just want to get a haircut! If you are studying away from home this is the perfect time for a fresh start. You may encounter things this year that turn out to be larger lessons on who you are and how you want to act in this world.


Just Keep Swimming. The School Year kicks off with Mars the planet of motivation in your first house. This means that you may be easily inspired and are beginning a whole new phase when it comes to what drives you and how you act. What gets you motivated? What do you want to try this school year? Your mind may not be focused on one particular outcome but a bunch of different opportunities instead, and if one doesn't work out you move on to the next! You have some contrasting energies of beginnings and endings as Saturn hits up the last house in your chart. This means that those new things you are starting may be related to old dreams or childhood passions. Some phase in your life is coming to an end, this is something important to keep in mind throughout the school year so when you feel the pressure of a situation that no longer works you can recognize it as a time to let go, on to the next adventure.



Let's Ger 'er Done. Something about you seems super determined this year! There is a certain cycle ending for you which makes everything feel fresh around mid-semester. Use the beginning of the semester to get out your old habits. This year can be extremely transformative and abundant for you. Jupiter highlights your life area of philosophies and big dreams, this is the life area where you may make plans to travel abroad or study foreign culture and new ideas. This energy really sticks around and pilots some kind of transformation come next semester. Saturn, the big planet of hard life lessons is in your 11th house, this suggests that your friendships may change, some might get in the way of those big dreams you have cooking up, or your school work may take precedent. You could also connect with like-minded people, that suit your new lifestyle. Either way, this school year seems to be focused on your destination, where ever that may be.