I am one of those people that has had very bad luck with roommates. In fact, I've had many roommates from the past...

I am one of those people that has had very bad luck with roommates. In fact, I've had many roommates from the past who gave me an interesting experience (I may go into detail on in another post). But as for this one, here are ALL 21 of my reasons why I am so much happier over the last few months since I moved in with just myself.

1. I don’t feel guilty about my 100 alarms that go off every morning because I am not a morning person whatsoever. 

2. I can cry if i want to.

3. I have the option to have a pet without the concern of someone else being allergic.

4. I can leave my place a mess all I want and nobody is there to remind me about it. Especially since my good and close friends have come to terms with the fact that it's just a part of what makes me so awesome.

5. I can watch sappy movies and eat buckets of ice cream with no guilt of someone in the next room judging me. TGIF for the win. 

6. I can sleep with whoever I want, whenever I want, as many times a day as I want. LOUD, NAKED, SEX has endless opportunities when you live alone.

7. I can blast my music, sing and dance at any time of time without a care in the world.

8. I can workout in my living without having to worry about someone judging how heavy I’m breathing cause I’m so out of shape.

9. I don’t have to tip toe at the wee hours of the night, I can make as much noise as I want.

10. I can redecorate my apartment whenever I please. 

11. I don’t have to talk to anyone when I get home, except myself (ahahahaha)!

12. I only have to clean up after myself. 

13. There is no one else to slow down the wifi. BLESS THIS. 

14. I can have people over whenever I chose to and not ask permission from anyone.

15. I can wear the same “at home outfit” for a whole week and no one will EVER know or judge you for it (yes showering daily helps it from smelling, also hanging it up too).

16. I have my own space that no one else can disturb unless I invite them to.

17. It is WAY WAY better for my mental health in general.

18. I can be in whatever mood I need to be in without having to explain myself to anyone.

19. I can walk around naked whenever I want.

20. I can pee with the bathroom door open.

21. I can also take my sweet time shitting and being in the bathroom for as long as I want, because no one needs to use it but me.

Living with no one else but just me over the last few months has probably been one of the best things to happen to me this year (along with another long list, thankfully). It's up there high on the list because it has allowed me to care for myself way better than I did before. I have always loved being independent and even though the money is tight and I'm paying the rent all by myself, I wouldn't want it any other way.

Let me know why you love living alone OR why you love living with your roommates because everyone has their own way of living!