I know for a fact that I am not the only one out there who hates wearing bras. For that reason,...

I know for a fact that I am not the only one out there who hates wearing bras. For that reason, I've compiled a list of my reasons of why I hate wearing bras, especially when I have to wear them every damn day. 

And of course, let me know if I miss anything. What do you hate about wearing bras and what are your reasons for going braless?

1. They're uncomfortable. Whether it's the underwire or the straps. It's just not fun. 

2. They're expensive AF. Enough said.

3. It takes so long to find your right size for your body type.

4. Bra companies seem to cater their demographic to white females... WHITE NUDE IS NOT THE ONLY TYPE OF NUDE. Take fucking note manufacturers and stop whitewashing our underwear. 

5. Being plus sized, our bras are usually more expensive because they require more material. That, or we have to go to a completely different store to buy the right size because the mainstream companies don't carry a size that actually fits us properly. This is just really annoying and is a form of fat-shaming. 

6. Sports bra tend to stretch out easily and can be just as expensive as regular bras. 

7. There seems to be this unwritten standard in our society that it is expected of women to wear a bra everyday. I hate this. So much. 

8. Depending on clothing choices, sometimes you need different styles of bras for different occasions. More bras? More money... 

9. The expectation that the only time it's acceptable to not wear a bra is when you're wearing a sexy dress that has an open back... I can not wear a bra whenever I choose and it's none of your damn business. 

10. This whole idea that people GET TURNED ON BY BRA STRAPS is absolutely ludicrous andfalse. I'm sorry but the only correlation I can think of that would logical is if a bra strap reminded them of a rope to use in kinky sex but even that is so far fetched it doesn't explain the outrageous dress code rules sweeping schools.

11. I also hate that over time they can leave red marks under your breasts. Or even worse, zits start to pile up around you boobs because they don't get enough air from being suffocated by this bras 24/7. 

12. I hate how you can see some bras' fabric or design through your clothing... I mean if I wanted to show off the lace of my bra then I wouldn't have even bothered with a shirt, duh!

13. Last but not least, I really hate wearing bras to bed... Never will I ever torture myself like that.