Although PPL Nightclub is fairly new to the Byward market, just having passed its' third year anniversary, it's actually one of the...

Although PPL Nightclub is fairly new to the Byward market, just having passed its' third year anniversary, it's actually one of the best clubs here. From the music, to the events hosted, to the people who go, PPL is definitely a club for everyone.

Here's why you should go:

1. They play the hottest new hiphop, dancehall, reggae, and reggaeton beats.
Ottawa is a fairly small city meaning there isn't much variety in clubs like you'd see in Toronto or Montreal. That's why, if you're just as tired of top 40's and EDM as I am, PPL is the spot for you!

2. This club warrants visits from some of the hottest people in Ottawa, seriously.

PPL enforces a strict dress code and the cover price is similar to that of Toronto. For this reason, you'll only catch the hottest people and the biggest ballers there.

3. They sell shisha!

I mean if Drake or the Weeknd have taught us anything, it's that smoking hookah is one of the coolest experiences. You can also take a quick snap or IG video to show off your dope, new tricks. 

4. They have different events on each day of the week!

Wednesday - Express Yourself, looking for a creative outlet to display your talents? Whether it's poetry, art, music, or instruments, Express Yourself hosts some of the best talents in the city. If performing isn't your thing, cover as a member of the audience is just 5$! 

Thursday - Thursday Night Turnup, what better way to kick off your weekend then by turning up the club on a Thursday? These nights usually host a chiller, laid back vibe that still give you the atmosphere of a club. 

Friday - YSL Friday, these nights are like the baby brother of Posh Saturday's. Although you still want dress your best and dress to impress, you can still kick it by the bar or sit down and smoke some shisha.

Saturday - POSH Saturday, this is the night when the hottest people in town come out and flaunt their beauty at PPL. Saturday nights here are insane and definitely not something you want to be missing out on. This is the night where the club gets packed and you'll catch everyone grinding up on each other, balling up on bottles, and turning up to the max.

Sunday - Patio Sunday's (in the Summer), you, your shisha, beautiful weather, and a patio. That's what Sundays are all about at PPL during the Sumer.

5. The management team, who identify as Breakout Squad, aim to please.

Once you go to PPL once and you realize just how much you love it, you'll be looking to go back every weekend. The more you go, the more you get to know the staff which can ultimately benefit you in the end! From secret parties and events, to better deals on booth packages; you won't know until you try it.


With this being said, it's no surprise they have a rating of 4.5/5 on their Facebook, so check out PPL nightclub and let them know CityinThree sent you!

 130 George St,

Ottawa, ON K1N 5W4

(613) 769-4390