This past week was a wild one, we experienced yet another planet, Uranus entering retrograde, and over the weekend we...

This past week was a wild one, we experienced yet another planet, Uranus entering retrograde, and over the weekend we began a new lunar cycle with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo! What does all of this mean? Uranus is one of the farther planets from the Sun but greatly influences the course of our lives, it can bring some big changes and life-altering decisions to light. The New Moon in Leo is a great way to get excited about these changes because it is asking you to see how these shifts (that may show up as drama or stress) help you succeed in the long run.

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Your Sign is sandwiched between two outer planets, Neptune and Uranus, both in Retrograde. This close proximity may bring a lot of changes your way, dramatic, unexpected ones as well as changes you have been working toward for some time.  There is a lot of opportunity for you to create ease in your life and have a little fun. What new perspectives are you taking on and how can you incorporate creativity and amusement into your week?


Uranus is in retrograde in your sign and this enforces the feeling that you need to make a change. Some changes are of our hands but this is just the beginning of the cosmos asking you what you want to change and how you want to do it. Uranus retrogrades in your sign for the next 4 months, so there is no rush on whatever shifts you are feeling they have a few more months to work themselves into a stable situation.


There is a common theme in the astrology this week of ease and compromise for you. You may be taking action in certain areas of your life, perhaps love or career-wise, where you see that something needs to be adjusted and you are able to deal with it in a way where others involved are also left satisfied. Mars is shifting out of this favorable position by the end of the week so it is a great week to start those adjustments. This is assisted by the new Lunar Cycle putting emphasis on your communication skills and you may notice a change in how you speak to others and express your emotions.


This week may be a little shaky for you Cancer, with the planets at harsh aspects to your sign you may feel like you have to work harder. With Venus in fellow cardinal sign Libra, and Mars moving into Capricorn toward the end of the week you may get a little restless. This is the kind of energy where you want to deep clean your house, get rid of old books and clothes, pay all of your bills or even apply for a new job. You may be craving some kind of fresh start and can find a unique way to get it.


This is the last full week of Mercury Retrograde in your Sign, if nothing has gone wrong yet check your travel plans and center yourself before you communicate or else things could get ugly. Most importantly this is a week for major self-reflection, the New  Moon Solar Eclipse just occurred in your sign, which means this is a major fresh start for you, especially when it comes to your emotions. Mercury Rx is also known for enhancing the need for some self-reflection so get crackin' on that and you will benefit later. Other than that, soak up those last few days of Leo Season.


Things have been looking up for you Virgo! Two major Planets are hanging out beside your sign this week, Mercury Retrograde in Leo and Venus just moved into Libra. This is a time to tread lightly, try and find some ease after the hustle of Venus leaving your sign.  Whatever upgrades or opportunities you may have received when Venus was in your sign are now going to be integrated into your daily routine but you don't want to move too fast just yet. The Sun will enter your sign next week making this week the end of a greater cycle for you, the pace is slow and reflective.


Venus, your ruling sign has moved into your first house! This can be quite intense for you, there may be a renewed energy for going after your passions or seeking pleasure. There is something almost freeing about this placement this week for you. With Jupiter close by you have the opportunity to get lucky and expand in areas of love and luxury these next few weeks. What makes you feel good? How can you go get it?


Jupiter finally turned direct after four months of its retrograde in your sign, this shift may have brought some kind of change or obstacle into your life three weeks ago, you may have found a way to cope, perhaps pushing emotions off to the side but whatever issue you are hiding from is not to be ignored. Jupiter is asking you to pay attention to the lessons here and there just may be a blessing in disguise. Your career life gets a little interesting and fresh as well at the beginning of the week thanks to the energy of the New Moon still lingering around.


Expect some kind of surprise this week Sag. Jupiter, your ruling planet had been in retrograde for some time in your neighboring sign, Scorpio. Now that it is direct you might be anticipating some kind of change when it comes to money or anything else you might value right now. The First Quarter Moon enters Virgo this week and makes it prime time for you to follow through with anything that supports your value systems. This energy is like putting a large sum towards savings or your school bills or starting a new hobby or self-care practice. How will you add value to your week?


You may feel some tension at the beginning of this week as Mars in retrograde makes its way back into your sign. You may even find yourself dealing with a situation that you JUST went through and get frustrated with the fact that you let this happen to you again, don't worry, blame Mars Retrograde. However, now you have the option to really learn something from it as you move through the following weeks. Consider how you want to move through this week, the next month, the next six months. What is your main motivation and how can that support you living a happy life?


This week Mars in retrograde slowly moves out of your sign and back into Capricorn, it won't be too long until it returns but for now this could be a time of release for you. It is important for you to consider now what habits you may need to let go of if you really want to be prepared. Otherwise enjoy times of lightness and relaxation this week or, better yet, carve some time out specifically to feel peace and just chill.


Your sign is one of the most susceptible to cosmic shifts, this past week we had Uranus begin to retrograde in Taurus. This highlighted your core values and may have really asked you to consider how you want to handle monetary or emotional situations. By acknowledging outside factors that negatively influence our value systems we are able to transform our thoughts or habits and move forward. Whatever change that is going on with your values now is going to have a major impact on your wellbeing and service to the world in the future. What are you being asked to change? Are you ready to do it?