This is sure to be an interesting week as we are approaching a Full Moon in Pisces on Saturday. This...

This is sure to be an interesting week as we are approaching a Full Moon in Pisces on Saturday. This is a very emotional position for the moon, the moon itself already represents our emotions where the zodiac sign Pisces is also connected to our emotional nature and intuitive body. This Full Moon reminds us that there could be a certain phase in our lives about to end, we are being asked to recognize it and let go of what no longer serves us. What is this full moon bringing to a close for you?

Aries : Aries Rising

The Full Moon representing an ending of something really is emphasized here because it is hitting your 12 house of endings. This is a good point of reflection as the Full Moon occurs on Saturday. Your ruling planet Mars is sextile to venus all week which means that there could be an opportunity available to you, either with the wider world and exploration or our health and routine that you need to make a decision on. Whatever you want is available to you, you just need to remember to reach for it.

Taurus : Taurus Rising

Uranus hits a hard angle to Saturn which could make this week feel a bit more challenging for you if you were hoping to make some easy decisions. You may be thrown off by some situation which needs you to overcome some bad habits or makes some kind of life-changing decision. With the Full Moon on Saturday bringing some drama to your House of Friendships this could very well be cutting off a toxic relationship or understanding that someone may be influencing you in a negative way and you need to come back to your truth.

Gemini : Gemini Rising

Your ruling planet Mercury is direct! Woo! This is a great time to reflect on how you have been communicating with yourself and others, if anything has changed for the better, keep up those good vibes and let the negative experiences of mercury retrograde dissolve. Pay attention to your work situation this week as the Full Moon highlights your career here and you want to make this increase in energy the most positive possible.

Cancer : Cancer Rising

Something exciting is happening for you this week Cancer, possibly a new adventure or opportunity. You may not see it this way at first because things may get a little emotional or intense with your ruler, the moon approaching full. Underneath all the drama this week there is an underlying energy getting you motivated for your future. Where do you want to go over the next few months?

Leo : Leo Rising

Both the Sun moving out of Leo on Friday and Mercury is starting its shadow period after its retrograde in your sign. This means a lot of movement and transformation for you! Take a look over the past month, where have you been asked to change since Leo season started? What have you been asked to let go of since Mercury Retrograde? This Full moon is a chance to solidify whatever transformation you have been going through which is a lot and definitely something to celebrate!

Virgo : Virgo Rising

You are gaining some momentum this week as the Sun enters your sign Friday! Now is the time to focus in on yourself, what do you want to do? What do you want to look like? Where do you want to be?  This is a brand new cycle for you in the best of ways because it is paired with your ruling planet so close, you can really make the next few weeks all about you and renewing yourself! Go, get started!

Libra : Libra Rising

Venus, your ruling planet is in your sign for another week, this time it is at an easy aspect to Mars which asks you to take some action this week! If there is some kind of relationship, experience, luxury or job you want, this is the week to take a step or two towards getting it. This might ask you to change something in your day to day routine or take a look at your larger role in the world. You need to gather up the energy to move forward even if that is through small changes or attempts this week.

Scorpio : Scorpio Rising

There is progress being made on some deeper emotional issue you have been dealing with this week! Mercury is in a square angle to Jupiter in your sign, this means that the progress you are making can be a bitch and show up in the form of arguments, miscommunications and writer's block. Do your best to move through this week by centering your self and trying to communicate your emotions correctly. It is also important to forgive yourself if you make mistakes or have a hard time discussing things. Any bumps you hit this week are meant to get you to see a different perspective and help with your personal growth.

Sagittarius : Sagittarius Rising

Mercury Square Jupiter can bring you some tension this week Sag. There may be some secret that needs to come out or some problem at work where you are feeling really crappy until you speak your mind. The drama that comes up is meant to get you to be more open and honest and express yourself better! Consider how you have been communicating to yourself and others, is it positive or negative? Can it be changed?

Capricorn : Capricorn Rising

Pay attention this week Cap. You are learning some huge lessons this week with some major planets facing off in relation to your zodiac sign. Uranus, the planet of change and innovation and Saturn, the planet of personal power are working together to great a little spice for you, some decision or even will come up that asks you to consider what you have to do to change and get what you want. Where is it that you need to adjust your mindset or goals? This can be a hard pill to swallow but if you pay attention this week you will realize it is necessary for your growth and success.

Aquarius : Aquarius Rising

There is a  sweet sweet Trine between Saturn and Uranus this week which may help create some balance and ease when it comes to any life changes you are going through. As the week goes on, the Full moon highlights your life area of Values and Money so there may be some issue that ask you to smarten up money wise or challenges your beliefs. This spark of drama is for the better as you are being asked to change something very small that is sure to bring you progress in the future.

Pisces : Pisces Rising

The coming Full Moon may bring up a lot of emotions for you this week, especially with your ruling planet, Neptune at odds with Venus and Mercury. Try your best to calm the waters and don't let your emotions overpower the truth. Stay centered this week by being active, meditating or doing whatever it is that makes you feel connected to you. There is a lot of opportunity here to reconnect to your peace and get out of any mindsets or situations that have been bringing you down.